Man Flow Yoga Guyoga Challenge
(Starts Monday, April 8)

Concerned about sticking with the workouts and doing them consistently? Don’t be. We’re hosting a Challenge to help you stick with Man Flow Yoga Guyoga.

The Man Flow Yoga Guyoga Challenge begins on Monday, April 15th. We’re also sending you pre-challenge emails the week leading up to the Challenge, starting on April 8, to make sure you’re ready. Best of all, there is NO additional cost to join the Challenge – you just need the workouts.

The Man Flow Yoga Guyoga Challenge includes:

  • A proven-effective, structured schedule of workouts
  • Daily emails to hold you accountable
  • Tips for motivation and being more consistent with your workouts

Get the motivation and accountability you need to stick with your workouts and get results. See you on April 15! Enter your name and email below to sign up for the challenge today – it’s FREE!

This event has passed

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