The Mobility Project: Improve Flexibility. Get Rid Of msucle Knots. Get Stronger & Reduce Joint Pain

The Mobility Project is a workout program designed to help you dramatically increase your mobility through a unique combination of self-massage, bodyweight exercise, and deep stretching. This increased mobility is improves functional flexibility, heightens body awareness, and decreases or eliminates joint pain or discomfort caused by muscle tightness. The workouts follow a specific sequence:

  • Melt (Mobilize)

    Address trapped or restricted muscle to remove

  • Mold (Strength)

    Develop strength using previously restricted muscle for more range of motion and more strength

  • Stretch (Flexibility)

    Longer lasting, deep, restorative stretches to facilitate lasting flexibility.

It includes 7 total workouts, each targeting a specific muscle group or area of your body. The workouts range between 20 minutes and 68 minutes long, and include:

  1. Head & Neck – 21 minutes
  2. Upper Torso (Chest, Shoulders, Upper-back) – 68 minutes
  3. Arms (Forearms, Biceps, Triceps) – 27 minutes
  4. Lower Torso (Obliques, Lower Back, Thoracic Spine) – 50 minutes
  5. Hips 1 (Hip Flexors, External Hip Rotators, Glutes) – 56 minutes
  6. Hips 2 (Quads, Hamstrings, Adductors) – 48 minutes
  7. Lower Legs (Calves, Ankles, Feet) – 28 minutes

A large portion of the mobility sections of the workout require the use of the a medium and large KnotOut mobility tools, without which you will be unable to complete the majority of the mobility exercises found within this program. Don’t worry – if you don’t have one yet, you can use the code “ManFlowYoga” at to receive 25% savings on your total order. .

Need a foam roller? There are tons the market, which makes it difficult to select one. I recommend the Busy Buddha foam roller, available on Amazon. To receive 20% savings, enter ZOFJXEWF under the “Add a gift card or promotion code” section of the checkout page.