Upper Body Program:  Build Muscle, Functional Shoulders, and Strength for Inversions

The Upper Body Program from Man Flow Yoga is a comprehensive, 4‑month program to help you safely build a strong, sexy upper body that performs just as good as it looks.

  • Build lean, toned muscle, develop functional strength
  • A program that’s safe, effective, and long-lasting.
  • Engineered by experience to avoid the shortfalls of typical exercise programs.
  • Gives you everything you need – the workouts, restorative stretches to speed up recovery, and specific drills to improve mobility
  • Get strong, and STAY strong.

Who’s it for?

Superman Pose Yoga

#1 The guy who wants to build an upper-body that’s strong and functional – but also wouldn’t mind showing it off at the pool.

Dean Pohlman Crow Pose

#2 Yogis who want to learn inversions and arm balances, but lack the upper-back, core strength, and mobility they need for advanced movements.

Upper Body Program

#3 People who want to train like I do. This program is built on the same format I use, combining yoga, bodyweight exercise, and mobility into a comprehensive program.

Features of the Program

Fully Comprehensive - No Other Workouts Required
This program has EVERYTHING you need. It’s a unique combination of yoga, bodyweight exercise, and recovery work to give your upper-body everything it needs to get stronger, recover, and grow.
Total Body, Upper-Body Emphasis
Even though this program is upper-body focused, you can expect significant growth in strength and mobility in your core and lower-body. Your upper body needs a solid foundation to perform at its best, and we’ll help you get it.
Do Less, Get More.
Science now shows that we don’t need massive volume to get stronger – an effective program does what’s required to stimulate growth, and then focuses on maximizing recovery. This program does just that, so you won’t have to worry about excessive soreness or burn-out – you’ll feel great as you’re completing this program!
Adaptable To Your Level

Beginner-friendly workouts

You’ll learn the technique if you don’t know it yet.

No flexibility required

Modifications are provided if you not flexible. Part of the reason you’re doing this is to become more flexible, so why would we required you to be flexible before getting started?

5 total phases

Follow the schedule, or skip a phase if you’re ready for more. The phases increase in intensity and difficulty as they progress, culminating in inversions and arm balances.

Long-term, Sustainable Results
This program isn’t just a means to an end; it’s a workout lifestyle you can enjoy for years and decades. You’ll build strength, muscle, and mobility sustainably, instead of burning out in the first few weeks. Get strong, and stay strong.
Intelligent Programming
Don’t worry about skipping workouts from excessive soreness. The schedule accounts for your soreness by alternating between pushing, pulling, and recovery workouts. Smart, right?
Do exercises that Improve muscle activation, Correct inefficient or incorrect movement patterns, and Develop mind-body awareness


The Phases

Phase 1: Learn & Assess - 1 Week
Learn the importance of the strength and mobility you’ll be developing in this program, assess your current fitness levels, and understand the program as a whole. For many of you this week will be a cakewalk – but the info is important, so make sure to watch it!
Phase 2: Strength & Mobility Pillars - 4 Weeks
Time to get to work! Work you didn’t know you had, learn how to make bodyweight exercise extremely effective, and increase mobility levels. This phase builds the foundational strength so you can take it to the next level.
Phase 3: Muscle Burn & Build - 4 Weeks
Using your newfound strength, it’s time to take it up a notch. Challenge yourself with more difficult workouts, take your mobility to higher levels, and improve your coordination. We’re mastering the basics at higher intensity, so you can perform even when you start to get tired!
Phase 4: The Cool Stuff - 4 Weeks
Now it’s time for the cool stuff. Get ready for crow pose, forearm stands, and handstands. You’ve spent the previous phases building the strength, mobility, and coordination for advanced movements, and now it’s time to do it!
Phase 5: Push It To The Limit - 4 Weeks
Get ready to go hard. This phase combines the intensity of Phase 3 with the movement difficulty of Week 4. Everything you’ve done has built up to this – you’re ready! It’s time to show YOURSELF what you’re made of.
Upper Body Program Picture Montage


The Schedule

  • There are 6 scheduled workouts for each week, with one day free for rest and active recovery.
  • Workouts range from 30-60 minutes per day, averaging 40-50 minutes.
  • This program requires no more than 60 minutes per day – including recovery and additional mobility exercises.

Required Equipment

You might think this program requires a ton of equipment – but it doesn’t. You don’t even need to go to the gym if you don’t want to. All you need are the following items:

  1. Yoga Mat, Cork, & Strap – Your yoga and bodyweight exercise essentials.
  2. Mobility tools – At a minimum, you’ll need a foam roller and a lacrosse ball. Easy enough, right?
  3. Pull-Up Bar – Find a local park with one, pop it on your door frame, or use one at the gym

My Personal Experience & The Upper Body Program

Upper Body Program - Forearm StandMuch of the Upper Body Program was created from my personal experience. I had large muscles when I was lifting weights and training at the gym, but I was bulky, lacked functional strength, and had poor mobility. Doing only yoga was great for my mobility, lower-body, core, pushing muscles, and recovery work, but I had a severe imbalance in my shoulders from the lack of pulling that almost ended up in rotator cuff surgery.

So I created a program with exercise types that complement one another, and added mobility & recovery work to help you build muscle more quickly and avoid injury.

The Upper Body Program isn’t just a program I created for you – it’s the program I personally use. This is the program I use to improve the aesthetics of lean muscle in my shoulders, chest, arms, and back, plus the function that I need to train harder, move well, and avoid injury.

The Upper Body Program is one of the many training programs available in the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area.

Member’s already have streaming access, so if you’re a member and want download access to the Upper Body Program, Log-in and go to the Upper Body Program!

Members have access to a huge library of workout, nutrition, & lifestyle videos.
Get instant, unlimited access to The Upper Body Program, all other workouts, programs, tutorials, and more for just $1 with the 7-Day Trial.



Is this program appropriate for me if I’ve never done yoga before?
Don’t worry if you’re new – we walk you through every technique and provide modifications if you’re not as flexible. The workout instructional dialogue assumes you have not done the movements before, so you’ll learn everything you need to know as you go.
I’ve never been good at pull-ups. Do I have to do them?
Only if you want healthy shoulders. Pulling is required to maintain a balanced strength and avoid imbalances. Doing all pushing and no pulling leads to injury, period. Not to mention, increasing your pulling ability builds upper-body strength for push-ups, handstands, and crow pose. It’s one of the best exercises you can do for your upper-body with minimal equipment – there’s no reason NOT to do it.
Won’t I be able to do crow pose and handstands if I keep going to yoga classes? Why do I need this?
Inversions such as crow pose and handstands are found in advanced yoga classes, but they’re really gymnastics-based. And in order to build the strength of a gymnast, you need to train like one. This program helps train your core and your upper-body accordingly.
Why is this program more effective than typical programs?
Most typical programs don’t account for soreness, imbalances, or give you the additional resources to prevent injury. This program gives you EVERYTHING you need.

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