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  • What is yoga?

    Ask two people and you’ll get two different answers. If you haven’t figured out yet, Man Flow Yoga is different from typical yoga. For us it’s a form of physical fitness that includes a variety of bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, breathing exercises, and stretching to develop overall strength, endurance, core stability, balance, and flexibility.

  • Is yoga religious or spiritual?

    Yoga is not religious. Yoga is a form of philosophy. Around here it’s a form of exercise. You can still be faithful to your religion or beliefs and practice yoga.

  • Do I need to meditate to do yoga?

    While many types of yoga make the physical practice of yoga inseparable from meditation, you are not required to meditate if you just want to do yoga. We do however encourage mindfulness, so call that what you will. Here’s a helpful blog on the subject, entitled Separating Yoga from Meditation.

  • Can women do Man Flow Yoga?

    Absolutely. While Man Flow Yoga was created with men and their specific needs in mind. it isn’t just for men. It’s for anybody that wants to experience the benefits that fitness-based yoga can provide. Our workouts reflect what most guys typically want out of a workout (more upper body, more muscle building), and contain modifications for poses that are difficult for us inflexible guys. There are many women that enjoy Man Flow Yoga because of the fitness-centric aspect, not to mention that women can be inflexible too – the toll of a sedentary life affects us all.

  • How often should I do yoga?

    The answer to this question depends on your current level of fitness, your fitness routine, and your fitness goals (not to mention many other personal factors). Our suggestion is that if you are just starting a workout routine and aren’t doing anything else in addition to yoga, start with 20-30 minutes of yoga every other day, and then increase from there. If you’ve already been exercising regularly, and plan on incorporating yoga into your existing fitness routine, make sure that you’re doing yoga at least twice per week for a minimum of 30 minutes each time.

    I’ve written a full blog post on this topic, read it here: How Often Should You Do Yoga – A Guide

  • What if I need more instruction?

    At this time we do not offer one on one training, either in person or virtually. Creating new content and adding to our Workout Library is one of our main goals. That being said, we have a very active, private Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook Group. It’s a wonderful resource if you have any questions or need encouragement. We are also just one email away, so feel free to contact us at any time!

    We do want to remind you that any advice you find online, especially concerning an injury or medical condition, should be taken with careful consideration.

  • Do you have any live classes, online or in person, available?

    At this time we do not have live classes, online or in person. All of our content is pre-recorded. We’re constantly creating new content and adding to our Workout Library regularly.

  • What kind of diet should I follow in order to get the most out of Man Flow Yoga?

    There are many diets that effectively complement Man Flow Yoga training programs, and they depend on your physical goals. We have a Wellness Library within our Training Tools with a lot of valuable information. For further comprehensive diet tips, you may be interested in purchasing Dean’s The Man Flow Yoga Diet or Dinner & a Workout: The Man Flow Yoga Cookbook e-books in our store: ManFlowYoga.com/ebooks

  • Do I need any equipment for these programs?

    It is recommended that you have a yoga mat, a block, and a strap. Yoga mats can be purchased for usually less than $20 at superstores or online, but I recommend purchasing a premium mat when you are ready to make yoga a serious part of your fitness routine. Blocks and straps can each be purchased for less than $10 each, but a block can be replaced by a stack of books, and a belt can substituted for a strap.

    Visit the “Equipment” section of our online Shop for yoga gear.

  • What is Your Return Policy?

    Store (Shop.ManFlowYoga.com)

    There are no returns for apparel. However, we are happy to exchange the product if sizing issues occur for free, minus the cost of shipping. We do not provide return shipping labels for any purchases.

    Some Items are printed on-demand and in those cases we cannot exchange them. Those items are clearly marked with “No Returns or Exchanges for Apparel” in the description.

    International Shipping

    Due to Covid-19, international shipping is taking longer than usual.If a package is sent via USPS to international countries, we are unable to communicate with the respective country’s postal service once the package arrives in that country. If the package is shipped via UPS, you will be provided with a tracking number. If you have any questions regarding your package after it has been shipped, please contact UPS at (800) 742-5877 and have the tracking number on hand.

    Some countries require the buyer to pay duties/taxes. The buyer is responsible for them.

    Training Products

    There are no returns for digital products, such as eBooks, workout programs, or other premium multimedia. If you are unable to access your digital product, please contact us.

    Members’ Area – 100% Satisfaction, Money‑Back Guarantee

    Not satisfied? Get a full refund within 30 days of purchasing a subscription. Cancel on your own at any time.

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