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 Featured Guest on Ben Greenfield's Podcast Bets Selling Author On Amazon Featured Guest of Fox 13 News Featured in Men's Health Featured Author in Muscle & Fitness Magazine, May 2018 Creator of Best selling Body by Yoga DVD series  Author of the #1 Yoga Fitness For Men book published by DK
I combined my experience as a competitive athlete with my passion for yoga.

I combined my experience as a competitive athlete with my passion for yoga to create Man Flow Yoga

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Tommy Didario - Lifestyle Expert, On-Air Contributor The Rachael Ray Show
I’ve taken many at-home yoga classes throughout my fitness journey, but never had a class feel better than Dean’s.

Tommy Didario

Lifestyle Expert, On-Air Contributor
The Rachael Ray Show

David Cotton - Runner, Retired USAF Brigadier General
After many years of injury from running, Man Flow Yoga is what keeps me going and allows me to continue doing what I love.

David Cotton

Endurance Runner,
Retired USAF Brigadier General

Leila Fahim - Avid Rock Climber
When I first tried Man Flow Yoga, the workout flew by, it was easy to follow, and I felt that I had finished a great workout.

Leila Fahim

Former Body-builder
& Avid Rock Climber