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Morning Yoga Challenge & Giveaway!

30-Day Morning Yoga Challenge

Build a habit of daily morning yoga in just 5 minutes per day.

  • Improve your mindfulness, focus, energy, & posture.
  • Strengthen your muscles and improve joint health.
  • Increase flexibility and balance.
  • Improve mobility, get rid of stiffness & discomfort, and increase confidence!

Join below for daily emails AND enter for a chance to win the MFY mat, training program, & more!
July 14 through August 23

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5 winners will receive:

MFY Cork Yoga Mat

Cork Yoga Mat - Special MFY Edition($90 value)

MFY Guyoga Training Program

Guyoga: MFY editionDVD & Streaming Access ($25 value)

MFY Swag Package

Man Flow Yoga Tank TopTank Top, Coozie, & Bumper Sticker ($30 value)


What is The Man Flow Yoga 30-Day Morning Yoga Challenge?

This Challenge is for YOU to establish a habit of daily morning yoga. In addition to improving your physical fitness, this has an incredibly positive effect on your overall energy, mood, productivity, and confidence. It also helps you start the day with a healthy mindset, so you can practice healthier living in everything you do!

To complete the Challenge, all you need to do is 3 yoga postures, for a total of just around 5 minutes per day. Daily emails, posts, and live video broadcasts will help you hold yourself accountable and stay motivated for this 30-Day Challenge.

What does the MFY Morning Challenge include?

  • LIVE Follow-Along Videos, Monday to Friday at 8 AM Central Time (youtube.com/manflowyoga)

    Follow along to the daily videos every weekday at 8 AM Central Time (9 AM Eastern, 6 AM Pacific, 7 AM Mountain Time) for my in-depth, technique-focused instruction.

    *To be notified whenever I go live, subscribe to my YouTube Channel and youtube.com/manflowyoga, and then click the bell button! Can’t watch live? Just watch it later.

  • Emails for Accountability

    *Daily emails to hold you accountable
    *Poses for the day, delivered straight to your inbox, Every morning at 3 AM Central Time.

  • Photos & Motivational Posts

    *Get the daily postures and helpful, motivational tips in your feed
    *Posts made every evening at 7PM Central Time
    *Know the poses for the following day in advance
    Facebook: facebook.com/manflowyoga
    Instagram: instagram.com/manflowyoga
    YouTube: youtube.com/manflowyoga

Helpful Info

Recommended tools:

  • Yoga Mat – We have an incredible one here on Amazon. No-slip, extra large, and thicker than traditional yoga mats, this is a mat that is designed for the guy who wants to get as much as possible out of his yoga practice. Click here to get yours!
  • Yoga Block – We recommend finding a cork yoga block on Amazon. We don’t have our own yet, but are releasing it soon!
  • Yoga Strap – Grab a 100% cotton strap on Amazon, or use a belt, dog leash, or similar item if you’d like to get buy without one.

Latecomers are welcome! You may join at anytime. All postures and daily challenges will be visible on the MFY website at manflowyoga.com/morning30/challenge/ </>

The MFY 30-Day Morning Yoga Challenge is 100% FREE. There is no cost to entry.

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