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40+ programs to address men’s fitness goals

  • Build strength and flexibility to relieve pain, fix posture, and feel better
  • Complement your existing workouts (weights, running, etc.)
  • Build strength and flexibility to relieve pain, fix posture, and feel better. Complement your existing workouts (weights, running, etc.)

400+ on-demand workouts (new ones added weekly)

  • Full body & targeted routines of varied intensity and fitness focus
  • For all flexibility & skill levels, ranging from 5 to 60+ minutes
  • Full body & targeted routines of varied intensity and fitness focus – For all flexibility & skill levels, ranging from 5 to 60+ minutes.

Tutorials, Motivation & Lifestyle

  • Learn proper technique, modifications, and more.
  • Lessons on motivation, consistency, & living a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn proper technique, modifications, and more. Lessons on motivation, consistency, & living a healthy lifestyle.

Accountability & inspiration.

  • Accountability emails & features to help you be more consistent
  • Learn how to be self-motivated and get inspired by our community
  • Accountability emails & features to help you be more consistent. Learn how to be self-motivated and get inspired by our community.

Work out whenever, wherever.

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Message From Dean

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Message from Dean – Transcript
If you’re a guy looking to get stronger with yoga, Man Flow Yoga is the yoga for you. This isn’t just another yoga program. Man Flow Yoga is a strength-focused yoga fitness program developed specifically for guys, with poses and modifications that work better for a guy’s flexibility, programs that help work toward a man’s fitness goals, and the supplementary content to help keep you motivated and held accountable as you work toward your goals. We have success stories from all types of men, including guys looking for a functional fitness program, people using yoga to improve performance in other workouts, guys rehabilitating from injury, men who have been in chronic pain for years, and are now pain-free thanks to just a few weeks of consistent yoga workouts. We helped tens of thousands, If you can stick with it for just one month, I’ll bet that you’ll experience noticeable improvements – not just your fitness, but also in your day to day life. FOr most people, the only regret is not starting sooner. If you watched this full video, I invite you to start a 7-day trial today. Click and let’s get started – I’ll see you on the inside!!

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What are people saying about the Man Flow Yoga App & Members’ Area?


Do I need to be flexible or have yoga experience?
No, and no! Increasing your flexibility and learning yoga are two of the biggest reasons you are, and you don’t need to have flexibility in order to increase it. Our workouts and programs (especially our beginner ones) include modifications for inflexible people, so you can still get the benefit of the stretch – even if you’re not as flexible as a yoga master.
Is it just for men?
Man Flow Yoga is made with men in find, but we’ve found that about 10-15% of our customers are women, and the reason they join is the same reason many men are joining – the workouts are effective, the instruction makes you feel like Dean is in the room with you, and the results are real.
How many workouts are there?
There are currently over 270 workouts in the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area, with 1-2 new workouts added every week. These workouts are exclusive to the Members’ Area – they are not available anywhere else.
How long until I get results?
If you do the workouts daily, you’ll notice a difference in your first week. If you do the workouts 2-3 times per week, you can expect results with your first 2 weeks.
Is it really beginner-friendly?
Yes. You don’t need any yoga experience or fitness experience to participate.
Will this help with my back pain?
Yes. We have multiple programs to specifically fix your back pain, including Bulletproof Your Back, and The Posture Fix, just to name some. Back pain is caused by hip tightness, core weakness, lack of spinal mobility, and lack of hip strength. Our workouts help with all of this.
I don't have a lot of time. Will this work for me?
Absolutely! Most of our workouts last from 25-35 minutes. This makes it easy for you to fit the workouts into your busy schedule. The entire range of our workouts is as short as 10 minutes to over 60 minutes in length.
Is this appropriate for seniors?
Yes! In fact I would argue that there is nothing more appropriate for seniors. It’s low-impact, muscle-building, helps with mobility (which gets worse as you age), increase bone density, and improves sleep – all without breaking your body down, like traditional exercise. My grandpa is 81 and he’s doing it, and you can, too!
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