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The Posture Fix: Strength, Mobility, & Confidence

The Posture Fix is a comprehensive yoga program designed to help you develop the strength and mobility for perfect posture.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Make good posture a daily, hourly habit
  • Build core strength, improve balance, increase mobility, and make your entire body stronger.
  • Get rid of computer neck or other spine-related back pain
  • Actually increase your testosterone levels, for more creativity and better confidence
  • Decreased levels of cortisol, for less stress and less anxiety

The Posture Fix - Poses

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How’s it work?

The Posture Fix - Low Lounge with BackbendThe workouts from the Posture Fix focus on addressing those movements we tend to avoid during the day – ESPECIALLY if you spend most of your time being inactive or sitting at a desk. You’ll do exercises to:

  • Strengthen your upper-back, shoulders, and core
  • Improve mobility in your shoulders, hips, and entire upper body
  • Strengthen and improve mobility in your spine
  • Improve your balance, practice your posture, and improve your postural awareness

How’s it different from typical yoga workouts?

  • Most yoga workouts involve tons of forward folds, a movement that emphasizes rounding of the spine. This is exactly the OPPOSITE of what your body needs after spending the day seated in a chair.
  • Instead, these workouts are ENTIRELY focused on the movements you DON’T do during the day, such as balancing postures, backbends, twists, core work, lunges, and other hip, spine, and shoulder mobility exercises.
  • Most yoga workouts last 60 minutes, but not everyone has the time for a full hour of yoga. Nor is a beginner capable of one hour. That’s why are workouts are shorter. (Read on)

There are two types of workouts in The Posture Fix Program – short and medium workouts.

The shorter workouts average just about 12 minutes in length, while our medium workouts average 22 minutes. As a part of this program, you are expected to complete one short workout and one medium workout on a daily basis. This system of double workouts forces you to practice your posture not once, but TWICE per day. You’ll think about posture more throughout the day as a result, and this helps you to improve more quickly!

Why 2 workouts per day?

Fixing your posture is not just a workout – it’s a HABIT. Instead of practicing once, you’re doing it TWICE per day, with workouts specifically geared toward improving your posture.

Let’s Get Started

What do you get with the The Posture Fix Program?

29 Workouts

You’ll get 29 HD workouts ranging in length from 8 minutes to just over 60 minutes in length. This includes your twice daily scheduled workouts as well as additional videos and workouts you can use to supplement the program. This is 13 hours of HD video workouts and tutorials – These workouts and tutorials add up to over 1/2 day’s worth of video content, which you can view 24/7 on any device with a data connection.

The Posture Fix - 29 Videos - 13 Hours of Content

3-Month Schedule

Eliminate the guesswork. Follow the schedule we’ve created for you and be confident that as you progress you’ll get stronger, improve your posture, and feel better.

The Posture Fix - 3-Month Schedule

Posture Fix Guide

A helpful PDF guide you can download and use as a reference to following The Posture Fix Program..

The Posture Fix - Printable PDF

Unlimited Download Access

Get unlimited download access to all tutorials, workouts, and additional video resources. Use it wherever, whenever, on any device – download as many times as you want, for the same cost as a single yoga class.



The Posture Fix is one of the many training programs available in the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area.

Members already have streaming access, so if you’re a member and want download access to the Posture Fix Program, Log-in and go to the Posture Fix!

Members have access to a huge library of workout, nutrition, & lifestyle videos.
Get instant, unlimited access to The Posture Fix, all other workouts, programs, tutorials, and more for just $1 with the 7-Day Trial.


Check out a FULL sample workout from The Posture Fix below!!


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