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Knowledge is often one of the best ways to help you improve your fitness.

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Man Flow Yoga Apparel

It’s not just yoga, it’s Man Flow Yoga! Tank tops and t-shirts.

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Man Flow Yoga Bumper Stickers

Proud to be part of the Man Flow Yoga community? Show it off!

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Physical Books and DVDs
Yoga Fitness for Men

(DK Publishers)

 Yoga Fitness for Men, published by DK Publishers

The ultimate no-nonsense guide to yoga, by Dean Pohlman.

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Yoga Strong – DVD

(DVD Version of Yoga Body)

 Yoga Strong: A Complete Workout System

Our slow-burn, power yoga for weight loss & muscle-building.

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Yoga Edge – DVD

(DVD Version of Yoga Edge)

 Yoga Edge: Yoga For Athletes

Our Yoga for Athletes DVD. Play harder and prevent injuries.

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Guyoga – DVD

(Special MFY Edition)

Guyoga: Beginner’s Yoga for Men

The Top #2 Ranked DVD. Improve your fitness through yoga.

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Get a Knot out!

The best mobility tool to release muscle knots and improve overall mobility.

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Rhone Athletic Apparel
Rhone Athletic Apparel

The best workout apparel for men. Great for anything and up to any task.

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Hyperice Vibrating Mobility Tools
Hyperice Vibrating Mobility Tools

Speed up recovery, release muscle tension, and get back to your workouts more quickly.

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