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We focus entirely on the technique and avoid the spiritual aspects to ensure you get the most out of every yoga posture.
Most guys aren’t as flexible as experienced yogis, so we give you modified poses to better suit your body – but still give you a great workout!
Most workouts last fewer than 30 minutes, but are more effective than a workout you’ll get at a studio. Easily view the workouts on your computer or smart device.
No experience required. We expertly teach you yoga from the ground up, in terms you can understand – no Sanskrit or unpronounceable pose names.

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  • Workout Programs – for athletes, runners, strength trainers, and more!
  • Workout Library – almost 100 beginner-friendly, no- flexibility-required workouts
  • Diet & Nutrition – practical info to help you lose weight & build muscle
  • Support features – to hold you accountable and keep you motivated
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Looking for a great way to start?

Guyoga: Beginner’s Yoga for Men

The ultimate beginner’s yoga workout series, specifically designed for people that don’t normally do yoga.

  • Build muscle, lose weight, and prevent injury.
  • Modifications for people who aren’t flexible.
  • Four professionally-filmed 25-minute workouts to get you RESULTS.
  • Bonus materials: 10-Minute Yoga Abs, Yoga Start (a 30-minute workout to help you build up to Guyoga), The Guyoga Road Map (a comprehensive guide to using Guyoga), and no-music versions of each workout.

Ready for The Next Level?

Yoga Body

A Complete Yoga Workout System

It’s the body you want and the body you need. This unique combination of exercise is called Slow-Burn Power Yoga. It’s not like any yoga session you’ve ever seen!

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    The Workouts

    Yoga Body is made up of 3 main workouts, each with 3 levels, and all included in your purchase. Workouts average 25-30 minutes each, and range from 20 – 40 minutes in length.

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    Each Yoga Body Package also comes up with a bonus Yoga Abs workout, the Yoga Body Calendar, and the Yoga Body Blueprint.

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    Access Anywhere

    The workouts are accessible through the Man Flow Yoga website, which you can easily access on your phone, tablet, computer, or any smart device with an internet browser. Once you purchase, you’ll have lifetime access.

Need Something Specific?

The Posture Fix

Strength, Mobility, & Confidence in 30 minutes a day.
This is a program designed to improve your posture, strengthen your body, and give you a greater sense of confidence. There are 2 daily workouts 5 days per week to get your body moving more, increase energy levels and improve mood, strengthen your posture, and improve your confidence – in just about 30 minutes per day.

The Mobility Project

A workout program designed to help you dramatically increase your mobility. Great for those who have been strength training at the expense of their mobility for too long as immersive mobility experience, and for those who want to slowly incorporate more mobility work into their workout routine.

  • Increase your functional flexibility
  • Eliminate muscle knots and tightness causing joint pain
  • Speed up your recovery time
  • Increase body and muscular awareness

Includes the following 7 workouts:
Head & Neck, Upper Torso (Chest, Shoulders, Upper-back), Arms (Forearms, Biceps, Triceps), Lower Torso (Obliques, Lower Back, Thoracic Spine), Hips 1 (Hip Flexors, External Hip Rotators, Glutes), Hips 2 (Quads, Hamstrings, Adductors), Lower Legs (Calves, Ankles, Feet)

The Perfect Squat

This workout program is a series of workouts I designed so that you can work on everything that you need for a great squat with a single workout program.

The Perfect Squat Program includes 4 workouts (in HD video format!), which are to be completed in 8-day cycles. But this program is so much more than just squats – it is all of the flexibility, core strength, bodily awareness, balance, and STRENGTH that comes from having a perfect squat.

The Perfect Squat Program includes:
1) Intro to the Squat
2) Strength 1
3) Stretch
4) Mobilize
5) Strength 2

Man Flow Yoga on Demand

Get workouts a la carte or pay a one time cost to get lifetime access to all of the workouts of the Man Flow Yoga Workout Library. Hosted through Vimeo, for the highest quality of videos.

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