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  • The Upper Body Program: Muscle, Inversion Strength, & Healthy Shoulders

    Upper Body Program

    The Upper Body Program from Man Flow Yoga is a comprehensive, 4‑month program to help you safely build a strong, sexy upper body that performs just as good as it looks.
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  • Bulletproof Your Back: An exercise program that solves the back pain at the source.

    Bulletproof Your Back

    This is a fitness-centric, results-oriented yoga program to immediately relieve back pain, treat back pain at the source, and teach you about your body and the causes of back pain in the process.
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  • The Strength Foundations Course

    The Strength Foundations Course

    This is a meticulously-designed series of workouts specifically engineered to improve overall strength and mobility, significantly decrease your risk of injury, and help you get faster results in less time.Learn More…

  • The Posture Fix: Strength, Mobility, And Confidence.

    The Posture Fix

    Make good posture a daily, hourly habit. Build core strength, improve balance, increase mobility, and make your entire body stronger. Get rid of computer neck or other spine-related back pain.Learn More…

Body by Yoga Programs

Our DVD programs in streaming and download format

Looking for a Great Way to Start?

Guyoga ‑ Beginner’s Yoga for Men

Guyoga: Beginner’s Yoga for Men is one of the best at home yoga programs for men to start doing yoga. No flexibility required. No chanting. No gongs.

  • Build strength, Increase flexibility, and Improve balance
  • Get rid of aches & pains
  • Feel, move, and look your best.
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Ready for The Next Level?

Yoga Body ‑ A Complete Yoga Workout System

It’s the body you want and the body you need. This unique combination of exercise is called Slow-Burn Power Yoga. It’s not like any yoga session you’ve ever seen!

  • The Workouts

    Yoga Body is made up of 3 main workouts, each with 3 levels, and all included in your purchase. Workouts average 25-30 minutes each, and range from 20 – 40 minutes in length.

  • Bonus!

    Each Yoga Body Package also comes up with a bonus Yoga Abs workout, the Yoga Body Calendar, and the Yoga Body Blueprint.

  • Access Anywhere

    The workouts are accessible through the Man Flow Yoga website, which you can easily access on your phone, tablet, computer, or any smart device with an internet browser. Once you purchase, you’ll have lifetime access.

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Want to Improve Your Performance?

Yoga Edge ‑ A Supplement in Workout Form

It’s time to reexamine the assumption that yoga is “just stretching”. Join the ranks of collegiate and professional athletes already doing yoga to get stronger in new ways, become better athletes, and gain an edge on the competition.

What if I told you that yoga could help you get better at EVERYTHING you do as an athlete? You can increase your strength, potential power, speed, and even endurance by doing the right type of yoga just a couple of times per week.

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We focus entirely on the technique and avoid the spiritual aspects to ensure you get the most out of every yoga posture.
Man Flow Yoga - Abs for InversionsMan Flow Yoga - High Lunge with Backbend

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