The Man Flow Yoga

Strength Foundations Course

Build an incredible foundation of strength, mobility, and body-mind awareness to help you take your fitness to the next level.

The Man Flow Yoga Strength Foundations Course is a meticulously-designed series of workouts specifically engineered to improve overall strength and mobility, significantly decrease your risk of injury, and help you get faster results in less time.

Featuring all new workouts combining simple, yet incredibly effective exercises from a variety of fitness disciplines, this program was built to make a noticeable impact on every aspect of your fitness.

Strength Foundations Course - Updog Pose

Who’s it for?

This program is for Runners, Weight lifters, cross training, Yoga practitioners, People with People with Recurring Injuries

This program was made for people who want to exercise more intelligently, and more efficiently. It’s for people interested in leading an active lifestyle for as long as they possibly can, to do what they physically desire to do and not have to worry about discomfort, pain or injury, and enjoy exercise while doing it.

The Strength Foundations Course is a program unlike any you’ve ever seen, guiding you through a step‑by‑step, carefully-structured series of workouts focusing on:

  • Greatly increased muscle activation of the hips, glutes, core, and upper-back
  • Improved movement efficiently and the development of correct movement patterns
  • Training your mind-body-breath awareness, for maximum control over your body
Strength Foundations Course - Core poses

You’re simultaneously improving your overall physical performance AND strengthening your body against potential injury. Whatever your fitness goals, this is going to make you better.

  • Exercise with better form and increased muscle efficiency, for a better workout in less time.
  • Lift more weight and complete more reps.
  • Decrease joint pain, decrease recovery time.
  • Get rid of or prevent common shoulder, back, and knee pain or injuries (including knee ligament tears, rotator cuff issues, and chronic back pain).
Strength Foundations Course - Deep Squat Pose

What really makes this program is unique is the emphasis on (1) slow & controlled movement, (2) attention to detail, and the (3) development of breath-body-mind awareness.

The workouts force you to concentrate on your movement to a degree few have ever experienced, to ensure you are reaching your body’s full potential.

Strength Foundations Course - Boat Pose

This is the program I recommend to each and every person who starts training with me, and it includes the same exact exercises I utilize in my own personal workouts.

  • If you’ve been working out for 10 years, your body still probably has inefficiencies and weaknesses that, when corrected, will make you dramatically stronger AND make exercise more enjoyable.
  • If you’re new to working out, this is a great way to avoid potential mistakes, learn how to exercise more efficiently, and avoid injury.
Strength Foundations Course - Warrior Three

What do you need? (Time/Equipment)

Easily fit it into your schedule. - 3 times per week, 30-40 minutes per workout.

Minimal equipment. - All you’ll need is a yoga mat (optional), 2 yoga blocks* (also optional), and resistance bands (less than $10).
*If you don’t have a block, you can easily use a coffee table, a stack of books, or anything else to rest your hands on a few inches off the ground.

24/7 access - The workouts are easily accessible on any device with an internet browser (including your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer)

Anywhere - All you need are a few square feet, which makes it perfect for your living room, an open space at the gym, or the hotel room you’re staying at for work.

The program becomes available in the Members’ Area on July 9.

Joining the Community also gives you access to:

  • 250+ full-length workouts
  • 35+ workout programs (including comprehensive workout schedules, supplementary content, and more)
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  • Entry into The Man Flow Yoga Community
Group Class in Austin Texas

Ready to get Started?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

One more thing – I offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the program, just let me know and I’m happy to give you your money back. Period.

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  • 15 Unique Workouts
  • 9 hours of HD video workouts
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  • 15 Unique Workouts
  • 9 hours of HD video workouts
  • PDF Guides for Each Workout
  • Printable PDF Program Guide

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Want to see a workout?

Check out a preview of Workout #1 from the Strength Foundations Course: Breathing & Muscle Activation Basics


Yes! This workout program is just 3 days per week, and we encourage to continue with your other workouts. We will also recommend restorative workouts to help you recover more quickly and avoid overtraining.