Target Areas: Lower back, core

Practical Benefits: Increase range of motion and strength in your back to reduce risk of injury to and protect your spine.


1. Lie on back and bring the heels two inches away from the butt, feet facing straight forward and six inches apart.

2. Rest arms alongside the body.

3. Press into the feet and lift the hips off the ground as high as possible, keeping the knees hip-width distant by squeezing inner thighs toward one another.

4. Lift the chest towards the chin, and reach the chin away from the chest.

5. Hold for 30 – 45 seconds.

Tips: The weight of your body in this pose rests in the shoulders, not the neck. Do not allow the knees to splay out to the side OR the insides of the feet to come off the ground. Keep your core engaged by flexing the abdominal muscles, slightly tilting your pelvis to prevent pinching in the lower back.

Bridge (Side)

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