2 Ways to Reduce Clicking in Your Shoulders

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Dolphin Pose for Shoulder Clicking

This is a question I get asked a lot: “I hear a lot of clicking and popping noises in my shoulders when I work out. What can I do to fix this?”

It’s a very simple answer. This is the shortest blog you’ll ever read. The clicking and popping noises you hear is tendon rubbing over bone. Tendons are what connects your muscles to bone. When the muscles are tight, the tendon runs over the bone, and you hear that popping noise. Is it a bad thing? Not necessarily. If there is no pain or discomfort, you might not have to worry about it. However, it is an indicator of one or two things, and they are the 2 ways to reduce that clicking/popping/grinding noise in your shoulder. They are:

1) Tightness in your shoulders. This refers not just to the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint itself, but everything that connects to it, including the muscles in your upper arms, your chest, your upper back, and even your neck.
2) Weakness in your back. When you use the muscles in the front of your body too much, and the muscles in the back of your body not enough, this causes an imbalance. When the muscles in your back get weak, the muscles in the front are overworked when they have to complete a task.

Here’s what you can do to fix shoulder popping. We’ll start a few exercises for flexibility, and then include some simple rowing exercises.
1. Downward facing dog

how to fix shoulder popping

2. Dolphin
how to fix shoulder clicking
3. Strap stretches behind back

how to fix shoulder popping
4. Eagle (or just eagle arms)

shoulder popping

1. Pull-ups (use a monster band or a lat pull-down instead if you can’t do a full pull-up)

Pull ups to fix shoulder clicking - start position Pull ups to fix shoulder clicking - end position
2. Horizontal rows

Horizontal rows to fix shoulder clicking - start position Horizontal rows to fix shoulder clicking - end position



Now you have some exercises to help, but the best way to help your flexibility and strength is by training intelligently, with a balanced blend of strength, flexibility, and stability for your whole body. This is yoga for people who wouldn’t normally enjoy yoga – yoga for people who aren’t flexible, who might not want a spiritual workout while they get a physical workout, and yoga for people who’d rather get straight to the fitness aspects without the extra fluff. Sign up for a 7-Day Free Trial to the Members Area, an online resource and community loaded with over 100 HD videos and workouts, by clicking here.

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3 Comments on “2 Ways to Reduce Clicking in Your Shoulders”

  1. Amazing , a want to be strong and very flexible and have an amazing functional body , you are awesome amazing ,

    Kind regards


  2. Sorry didn’t finish . Am I better using body weight or good old fashioned weights , I’d bench . Deadlift , squat,pull-ups dips etc can you please advise I also do bit of running maybe 6 mile three times week , don’t mind getting older just love the buzz from yoga etc , feeling body bein worked hard , again very inspiring just awesome in every way ,



    1. Dean Pohlman

      I would listen to your body and let that guide your answer. I don’t know enough about you to give you advice, but I would recommend a blend of everything you mentioned above.

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