7 Poses That Make You Fart

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7 poses that make you fart

This blog had to be done, and I’m happy to be the guy who writes it. Everyone has had that “oh shit” moment in that class when they are trying to hold a fart in. Most of us have learned that in order to prevent unwanted posterior expressions that it’s important to be careful about what you eat prior to a yoga class, but every now and then you screw everything up and end up getting Mexican food for lunch. Well, this one is for you, Mr. (or Ms.) Oh-No-I-Ate-Mexican-For-Lunch-And-Now-It’s-About-To-Get-Awkward.

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The best way to deal with farting in class is to pretend it didn’t happen, and hope that nobody heard it. If it is heard, the outcome is more than likely a look of surprise and maybe disgust from the person next to you, giggling or snorts from the people who heard your flatulence a couple spaces away and beyond, and an instructor who is trying to hold his (her) shit together for dear life because all he (she) wants to do is burst out laughing. If that happens, and people start laughing, go ahead and turn bright red, smile, and laugh with everyone else, because you just made class that much more fun. Props to you, fart man (woman).

Here is a list of 7 poses where the risk of farting is greatly increased.

Make sure you are being extra careful in these poses not to overexert yourself, lest you poison the yogasphere with your noxious fumes.

how to fart - seated forward fold

1. Seated forward fold

The dreaded initial movement when you begin to reach for your ankles or toes is sure to make you wrinkle your face in concentration as you try and prevent the inevitable from happening. Well, it’s going to happen, but luckily it’s hard for people to turn their heads in this position, so just keep staring straight ahead and hope nobody heard it.

how to fart - happy baby

2. Happy baby

Now we can relive why babies are so happy when they grab their toes and hoist them over head. Pressing your feet into your hands is what really gets the air flowing, though. It’s also hard not to laugh in this pose, so do what you gotta do if you need to let one loose.

how to fart - wind relieving pose

3. Knee to chest (aka Wind relieving pose)

The actual translation of the Sanskrit word, “apanasana”, is pose of negative energy, or pose of downward-moving energy. That’s right – this is THE farting pose.

how to fart - goddess pose

4. Haka Pose (aka Goddess, Horse)

So much squatting in this pose, it’s hard not to naturally want to fart. Luckily for you, this pose is very intense, and nobody will care if you’re farting or not because they are too busy concentrating on their burning legs.

how to fart - supine bicycle

5. Supine core exercises

supine bicycle, or leg lifts involve so much core that it is hard not to involve the muscles in your stomach that make you fart. Remember that you’re supposed to be looking up at the ceiling or straight forward in these poses, so if somebody looks over at you while you’re here look over at them and tell them to keep their eyes facing forward. After all, you’re just letting out some excess stress.

how to fart - child's pose

6. Child’s Pose

Let it rip.

how to fart - triangle

7. Transitions

This isn’t exactly a pose, but I felt it necessary to add this on to the list. Moving from a seated position with your legs out in front of you to a prone position (lying on your chest) almost always gets me. Luckily this is usually muffled by the sound of everybody else transitioning with you.

Sometimes, you just gotta let it RIP

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30 Comments on “7 Poses That Make You Fart”

    1. The new pose that let the dragon fly. Can you teach me one on a seat? because I need to release stress during school and tests sometimes and farting works. But if you give me a position, that DRAGON WILL FLY!

      1. Lol – well for the sake of your classmates, please don’t do that. But from a seated position, if you lift your feet off the ground and bring your knees as high as possible, you’ll engage the right muscles to fart.

  1. thank you it helped me with my problems I can’t stop farting everywhere I hope they don’t stick up everything

  2. Ah yes – the dreaded problem of being ‘only human’ ! One of my answers to that possibility is to limber up beforehand, where the audible cracks from my knees, and any gas build-up, can be relieved in private, before class.

    The other one, if you feel an awkward moment coming on, is to gracefully opt out and /stand/sit/lie still, while inwardly concentrating on holding everything in. The moment usually passes. At worst, you can always slip out the nearest exit (yes, if you think you’re going to be prone, try to set out your mat strategically beforehand!) and then slip back in.

    No decent instructor is going to hold you to ransom for taking time out in their class.

    My standard approach to poses I know are beyond me

  3. Lol!!! I literally burst into laughter with this *pun intended* awesome read!!! This made my day!!!

  4. So that’s the reason the instructor says, “feet toward the back wall”, prior to the wind removing pose in Hot26! Self Preservation!

  5. My brother has a intestinal disorder called Crohn’s disease he is suffering tremendously right now with gas that’s backing up to have any suggestions for trapped gas

    1. Sad siddy – I’m not a doctor, so I wouldn’t be able to recommend anything other than my personal experience and the experience of others who notice they have flatulence in the 7 poses listed here.

  6. Hey y’all, I’m Cathreena! Thanks so much for the tips! I’ve been doubled over in pain because I had gas! Don’t no more! Thanks again,

    Cathreena Vixonberg

  7. Hello everybody! I have a question about bloating, does it just happen when your pregnant or does it happen to everybody? I’m pregnant with my first baby boy, Dalton, and I was wondering if bloating is normal because I’ve been bloated for a while now. Thanks for your helpful tips, Bekki Cannanburrow

  8. I am in love! I’m super ugly so I don’t know if he likes me back! I don’t want to make him turn away from me because I lay a fart bomb on him when we’re getting serious, if you know what I mean! Thanks for the info, Sanya

  9. If you actually look in light on yoga, in the index of poses and what conditions they help with, you’ll notice that “flatulence” is the #1 condition addressed by so many variety of poses. If it’s coming out, it’s inside! So let it flow! 🙂

  10. Finally I keep on farting all the time so I had to keep them in and then they did not come out but these postures helped me

  11. Hahahahahaha this helped! You know how sometimes you just feel like you need to fart? I was doing my homework and I wanted to fart so I googled “How to make yourself fart” This is the one I clicked on and it did help me fart.

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