Target Areas: Hamstrings, upper back, shoulders, quads, hip flexors, core

Practical Benefits: Increase range of motion in squats while maintaining core strength in order to improve squats, build lower body strength, and increase endurance in core and lower body while opening the shoulders.


1. Big toes touch, knees squeeze together. Weight is in the heels.

2. Hips lower, anywhere from four inches lower to as low as knee level, depending on strength and flexibility (just like a squat).

3. Core engages to keep spine long and straight.

4. Arms extend, biceps in line with ears, and palms face towards one another.

5. Ribs draw in toward one another, chin awayfrom chest, shoulders relaxed, and neck long.

6. Hold for 30 – 90 seconds.

Tips: Do not allow your chest to splay open. Keep a straight line through your spine. The weight of your body should be in your heels, so that you can pick your toes off the ground. You should be able to see your toes if you look down.

Chair (Side)

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