Target Areas: Lower back, core

Practical Benefits: Increase your lung capacity, increase lower back strength for lifts like dead-lift and squat, and increase spine flexibility to improve range of motion for movements like shooting or throwing.

Target Areas: Lower back, core


1. Lie down in prone position on your chest with hands under shoulders.

2. Reach feet back as far as possible and press the tops of all ten toes into the ground. Keep the toes on the ground throughout the entire exercise.

3. Squeeze thigh muscles and press the hips and abdominal muscles into the ground.

4. Without pressing hands into the ground, use the lower body to lift your chest off the ground.

5. Hold for 20 – 45 seconds.

Tips: No wrinkles in the back of your neck. You can use your hands to PULL your body forward and create length, but not to push your chest upward.




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