Target Areas: Shoulders, hamstrings, core, upper back

Practical Benefits: Improve your pushing power and range of motion in your shoulders for more torque and power in any pressing motion of the upper body, build up the strength for forearm stand and handstands, and reduce the risk of chronic, long-term injuries to your rotator cuff.


1. Lower the forearms to the ground so that they are shoulder-width distant and lie parallel to one another.

2. Press the forearms into the ground and stack the shoulders directly on top of the elbows.

3. Straighten the back, and then attempt to straighten the legs as much as possible and press the heels toward the ground (just like downdog).

4. Inch the toes forward toward the hands.

5. Hold for 30 – 45 seconds.

Tips: Keep your elbows over your shoulders, and press down firmly into your forearms to lift your shoulders as high as possible. If your hamstrings are too tight for this, bend your knees.

Dolphin (Side)

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