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Target Areas: Hamstrings, lower back, shoulders, upper back, calves

Practical Benefits: Stretch out the entire back side, open the shoulders to help reduce rotator cuff pain, improve range of motion, and increase shoulder press strength, and increase forearm strength, reducing the risk of carpal tunnel and tendonitis.


1. Hands slightly wider than shoulder-width distant, feet four to six inches apart, balls of the feet on the ground.

2. Press hips up and back and reach chest toward the thighs.

3. Press heels toward the ground.

4. Hold for 30 – 60 seconds.

Tips: If you feel too much pressure in your shoulders, shorten the distance between your hands and feet, or allow your knees to bend until you feel an even stretch throughout your entire back. The goal of this exercise is to form a pyramid shape with your body. Spread your fingers wide and press down through the base of your fingers (where your fingers meet your palms) rather than your wrists.


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