Target Areas: Hip flexors, core, quads
Practical Benefits: Improve your ability to react defensively

in sports like baseball, basketball, football and lacrosse.


1. Feet about 3 – 3.5 feet apart with toes facing out and heels facing in.

2. Pelvis is tilted forward to draw the butt slightly under the body, and core engages to lengthen the lower spine.

3. Ribs draw in towards one another, chest lifts.

4. Keep your shoulders over your hips.

5. Lower the hips down toward the ground while keeping knees over ankles and weight evenly distributed throughout the entire foot.

6. Hold for 30 – 90 seconds.

Tips: Keep your knees tracking over your middle toes. If this is too difficult, turn your toes more inward. Keep your shoulders over your hips and engage your core to prevent arching in the lower back.

Haka (Front)

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