Half Split

Target Areas: Hamstrings, lower back, calves

Practical Benefits: Improve your running and squat ability while reducing the risk of injury to your hamstrings and lower back.


1. From a low lunge, front leg extends forward, toes flex toward the face and back of heel on the ground.

2. Hips directly over back knee.

3. Front quad engages, knee slightly bent.

4. Front hip pulls back while back hip pushes slightly forward so that both hips face straight forward.

5. Reach chest toward the front foot, keeping back as flat as possible.

6. Hold for 30 – 60 seconds.

Tips: Pull your head away from your shoulders and focus on pulling your chest forward, instead of thinking of bringing your head to your knees, so that you target your lower back with this stretch, in addition to hamstrings and calves.

half split (side) small

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