Target Areas: Hamstrings, hip flexors

Practical Benefits: Relieve soreness in the inner thighs, lengthen your stride, increase your power and agility in changing directions, and reduce the risk of injury to your hamstrings.


1. From runner’s lunge (see page 24), bring front foot to the outside of the corresponding hand.

2. Press both palms firmly into the ground.

3. Reach chest up and forward, lengthening the spine as much as possible.

4. Bring hips as close to the ground as possible while keeping back flat.

5. Hold for 30 – 60 seconds.


Knee down – restorative focus

1. From lizard pose, lower back knee to the ground and untuck the back foot.

2. Relax the upper body toward the ground after first lengthening the spine as much as possible.

3. Hold for 1 – 2 minutes.

Tips: Press your core toward the space between your hands to deepen the stretch while maintaining a straight spine. As much as possible, prevent your back from rounding.

Lizard (upright) Lizard relaxed-full-frontal


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