Target Areas: Glutes, TFL, external hip rotators

Practical benefits: Improve the flexibility and range of motion of your body’s most powerful muscle – your glutes. This improves your running and squatting ability and reduces tension in the hips and lower back.


1. Start in a six-point (tabletop) position with hands under shoulders and knees under hips.

2. Bring the (right) knee just behind the (right) wrist, and bring the (right) foot as close as possible to the (left) hand (somewhere between the (left) knee and (left) hand).

3. Edge the toes in the back foot as far back as possible, ensuring that the back foot is pointing straight back with toes untucked.

4. Walk the hands outside the hips and puff the chest out. Pull the butt forward under the torso to engage the core and protect the lower spine.

5. Ease the forearms down in front of the outstretched (right) leg, and allow the hips to relax as close as possible to the ground.

6. Hold for 1 – 2 minutes.

Tips: Even your hips out by pulling your front hip up and back while pressing your back hip down and forward. Minimize fidgeting and muscle engagement.

If pigeon is too intense, take the modification found on the following page.


Figure 4

1. Lie down on the back and bring the (right) ankle on top of the (left) thigh to form a “4” with your legs.

2. Flex the toes toward the shin so that the sole of the foot faces directly outward (to the left).

3. Pull the back of the (left) thigh in towards the chest.

4. Press the opposite (right) knee forward.

5. Hold for 45 – 60 seconds.

Pigeon (front)



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