Squat Hold

Target Areas: Hamstrings, quads, core

Practical Benefits: Improve the depth and weight involved in your squats and build lower body endurance and core stability.


1. Start with feet six inches apart and middle toes lined up with the heels.

2. Sit hips down low in a squat position, ensuring that the core is engaged and the back is flat.

3. Weight in the heels, knees to the back.

4. Extend arms straight out, parallel to the ground with shoulders relaxed.

5. Hold for 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Tips: Maintain a straight line with your torso so that your chest is not puffed out. You want to keep your ribs drawn in towards one another so that your core stays engaged and your chest does not splay out.



Squat Hold (Front) Squat Hold (Side)


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