Standing Quad Stretch

Target Areas: Upper back, core, shoulders

Practical Benefits: Increase range of motion of your upper back, shoulders and core to increase power in twisting movements, such as throwing a ball with a lacrosse stick, swinging a baseball bat, or performing a slap shop in hockey.


1. Stand in mountain pose with toes touching, knees slightly bent, core engaged to prevent arching in the low back. Chest raised, and shoulders relaxed.

2. Extend arms overhead, interlace fingers and point index fingers.

3. Reach arms up and over to the side.

4. Press hips in opposite direction.

5. Keep arms straight, biceps by the ears, and chin lifted away from chest.

6. Come back to center and switch sides.

7. Hold for 30 – 60 seconds.

Tips: Keep both sides of the body long. Lift your chest, press your palms together, and press your arms away from your body to maximize the effectiveness of this exercise.

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