Target Areas: Hamstrings, upper back, shoulders

Practical Benefits: Reduce the risk of tearing or pulling a hamstring, increase the range of motion of your legs to improve kicking power and increase speed.


1. Front foot facing forward, front leg muscles flexed, knee slightly bent.

2. Back foot about two and a half feet behind front foot, toes facing diagonally sideways at an eighty degree angle (just acute of ninety degrees) to the front foot.

3. Back leg locked out, thigh engaged.

4. Hips, chest, and shoulders facing sideways, shoulders stacked directly over hips.

5. Shift the hips backwards, pressing the front hip into the back hip.

6. Extend your arms in opposite directions, forward and backward, parallel to the ground.

7. Shift your upper body and arms as far forward as possible while keeping your arms parallel to the ground.

8. Bring the outside of the front hand to the inside of the front ankle.

9. Extend the back hand straight up, forming a straight line from fingertips to fingertips.

10. Hold for 30 – 60 seconds.

Tips: Bend your front knee as much as necessary to allow you to reach your ankle. Squeeze your legs toward one another to prevent your leg muscles from relaxing. Do NOT lock out your front knee.

Triangle (Side)

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