Warrior 3

Target Areas: Hamstrings, shoulders, arms, quads, core, upper back

Practical Benefits: Greatly increase your balancing ability, develop
your lower body strength, and help improve the range of motion in your shoulders to increase torque and power in shots, throwing, and pushing motions.


1. Start with both feet facing forward, back foot about six inches behind the front foot with heel lifted off the ground.

2. Butt slightly under body and core engaged to keep back flat.

3. Chin away from chest, and arms extended over head with (option 1) palms facing one another, shoulder-width distant, or (option 2) fingers interlaced, index fingers pointing up, palms pressing together.

4. Lift the back leg off the ground, point your toes backwards, and reach the body forward.

5. Strive to bring the body to be parallel to the ground while keeping the hips level and maintaining a straight line from your toes to your fingertips.

6. Hold for 20 – 30 seconds.

Tips: Lower the hip of the raised leg and press down harder into your front foot to raise the front hip and keep your hips even. Relax the glute of the raised leg to prevent your toes from turning out. Reach forward as far as possible with your fingers while pressing your toes back as far as possible for maximum results. The biceps should stay in line with your ears, so that you cannot see your arms while doing this exercise.

Warrior 3 (Frontal)

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