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POTW: Happy Baby

happy baby intro

Intro: Happy baby is a great restorative pose for your hips. There’s a lot of different ways to do this. From a supine position, grip the inside /or/ outside of your feet with your hands, push your feet into your hands, and pull your feet so that your legs spread and your feet come closer to the ground. Try and keep your lower back on the ground, but if it comes up, don’t worry too much. The important thing is to provide relief to your hip flexors.

Tip: Try and keep your lower back on the ground in this one. You’re going to want to do that so that your spine stays as long as possible. You can also try pulling your knees into your armpits to get the desired stretch.

Modification: Not everybody can reach their feet, so a good modification for Happy Baby is to grab a towel with your hands and wrap it over the soles of your feet.

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