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Mission Statement

Man Flow Yoga is yoga for physical fitness; all of the physical benefits, and none of the frills. This is yoga for men who want an effective, full-body workout that improves overall endurance, core strength, body control, and flexibility, without telling people to find their chi, change their lifestyle, or connect with the universe. We’re not life coaches; we’re fitness instructors here to help you accomplish your physical fitness goals, whether that’s playing at the competitive level of sports, working out on a recreational level, or simply going throughout your day without physical pain. Increase your overall level of fitness, reduce your risk of injury, and feel better. Find out all the ways that you can get involved by looking around the site, or following any of our social media.


What does MFY do?

Man Flow Yoga provides free and premium instructional videos, workouts, tips, e-Books,  exercise guides, and more on the internet to anyone interested in incorporating yoga into their physical fitness routines, either as a complementary or primary form of exercise, in order to help them get in the best shape of their lives. Man Flow Yoga also helps individuals directly with group classes, personal training, remote training (training via webcam), retreats (workout vacations), and seminars to provide hands-on, personalized attention in order to help people improve their physical fitness.


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