5 Postures For Strength as Equestrians

5 Best Yoga Postures for Strength as Equestrians

5 Best Yoga Postures for Strength as Equestrians

There are many ways to get stronger as an equestrian, but some movements and postures are more effective than others. I’ve created this list to give you 5 of the most relevant postures for strengthening your body as an equestrian.

Equestrians require an essential blend of mobility, strength, balance, and body control in order to perform well during their rides. The right blend of yoga postures helps to do just that by taking the time to slow down the movement, focus on engagement in specific muscles, build your balance, and improve your control over specific parts of your body.

You can do the following 5 postures on their own as a stand-alone workout, or incorporate them into your existing workout routine at the beginning, middle, or end of your workouts. There’s no equipment required, so you can do these postures almost anywhere!

These 5 postures are helpful, but getting the benefits of a yoga program depends on you doing the postures and exercises on a regular basis. I recommend doing yoga at least 2 times per week. Learn how Man Flow Yoga helps you achieve the results of a fitness-centric yoga program at the bottom of the page!

Here are my 5 best yoga postures for improving your strength as an equestrian.

1. Chair

In order to control your hips, you have to strengthen the largest muscles in your hips. Chair pose is a fantastic posture that specifically targets and strengthens your glutes. It also improves your posture, opens your chest, and gives you more core strength. A must for equestrians! Hold for 30-60 seconds.

Warrior 1 Side Stretch
2. Warrior 1 Side Stretch

Hip and shoulder mobility are extremely important for equestrians. You need to be able to sit upright on the horse without slouching forward, and need to have the hip mobility to prevent your lower-back from becoming stiff or sore. This combination posture addresses both of these necessary strengths. Hold it for 30-45 seconds on each side.

3. Boat

This is one of the best yoga postures for strengthening your lower abdominals, a muscle group that even those of us who work out often tend to forget. This pose greatly improves your ability to stay upright with proper posture, even if your lower-body is busy doing something else. Try it out! Aim for 30 seconds.

Forearm Plank
4. Forearm Plank

Forearm plank is all about strengthening your core. By removing your hands from the ground and resting on the forearms instead, we force your core to do the work your hands usually do. Make sure to keep a perfectly straight line from heels to your head! Hold for 30 seconds. Hint: Reach your tailbone toward your heels – only a minimal arch in your back.

Figure 4 Balance
5. Figure 4 Balance

This balancing posture addresses so many aspects of strength and mobility. It opens your hips, strengthens your glutes, improves core strength, and even challenges your balance. A great combination for equestrians! Hold for 30 seconds. (Use a wall or external support at first to ensure you have the right technique.

Watch the video below for a full walkthrough of each posture.

Watch this video in order to understand the technique, where you should be feeling the exercise, and why it’s beneficial.

5 Best Yoga Postures for Strength as Equestrians

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