65-Minute Flow: Crow, Core, and Hips!

65-minute full-body flow session from Man Flow Yoga. Poses target your hamstrings, hip flexors, core, and lower back. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “65-Minute Flow: Crow, Core, and Hips!”

  1. Hi Dean. I found your work a few weeks ago and have enjoyed watching. A suggestion : you might want to refer to injury prevention modifications more often. I recall when I first followed an on line yoga routine it started with a simple sun salutation and wondered why my lower back hurt. Now I realize the importance of warming up your back and leg muscles and not to start out with straight legs , flat back and to engage the stomach, gluts and thigh muscle before going in to that series of postures.

    Having said that. Thank you for posting your work. Please continue to post


    1. Chris,

      I’m pretty sure I always include modifications like the one you mentioned above in my videos, especially at the beginning when warming up. Let me know if I miss them, though.


      1. Hi Dean, I am a physical therapist and I found your awesome videos via Youtube. GREAT JOB man! I did do quite a few modifications and you do mention them. Keep it up and I look forward to connecting and learning more.


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