7 Reasons to Train Via Webcam

Training via webcam is relatively new, and it’s natural to have a few questions about webcam training (or remote training, as I call it). There are concerns about technical things, of course, such as being able to figure out whatever google extension or program you need to download in order to participate. There’s also concern with sound and video; will the quality be high enough that I can see and hear? Then of course there is the biggest concern:
Can a guy viewing me on a screen from (x) miles away effectively train me?

It was a question that I had when I first started training other people via webcam. At that point, I had about a year and a half of group training experience, and I felt confident that I would be able to conduct and effective and informative training session via webcam. Frankly, I was shocked by how effective it was. It was easy to give people praise on what they were doing correctly, and to notice what they could improve on. Not only was it effective for the trainee, but it made me a better trainer. I was no longer able to provide a physical adjustment to help someone into position. I had to have the communicative ability to explain in detail just what the person on the other end of the webcam needed to do. More importantly, it empowered the other person to learn for themselves what they needed to do, instead of being shoved into proper position.
That being said, I want to list a few of the other advantages found in webcam training. I know that many of you may be or have already considered web training, and I want to help assuage your concerns. (If not to train with me, then just so that in the future you will consider it if you find a trainer you like who offers remote training / training via webcam!)

1) No geographical restrictions.

You can train with a professional ANYWHERE there is an internet connection. That is huge. That means that even when you’re on a business trip, stuck inside because of a snowstorm, or at a family member’s house for the holidays, you are still able to train with your normal trainer.

2) Any trainer.

You can train with the trainer that you want that offers training via webcam, even if you currently live in Afghanistan and your desired trainer lives in Texas. (True story.) I have worked with people in Ireland, Afghanistan, South Africa, the UK, Italy, Pakistan, and Canada. You are no longer restricted to the trainers that live within 30 minutes of your work or home. You can choose anybody you frickin’ want. The internet helps you locate professionals that do business in a way that jives well with your interests and preferences, and this is no different when looking for a trainer online.

3) Less wasted time.

You are BUSY. You know it, I know it, and the whole world knows it. Wouldn’t it to be nice to have an extra half hour (or even a full hour) to yourself every workout day? Training via webcam makes that possible. Have you ever considered how much time it takes to go to the gym? Think about the time is takes you to put everything you need into your gym bag, go outside and get in the car, drive to the gym, and put your stuff in a locker – all before you even start your warm-up. Now multiply that by two. If you can do that in less than 20 minutes, kudos. If not, then you are a normal person. If you travel in rush hour, that gym travel time could be even longer. By training at home, you are saving all of those precious minutes and focusing your other time on the other things that matter to you.

4) No gym bullshit.

Gyms are great. You make friends. You have conversations with people. You flex in the mirror. But there’s also a lot of bullshit that goes with gyms. Judge-y people. Incessant chatters. Un-mopped sweat. Foul odors. Staff infection (seriously). And… people flexing in the mirrors. You can avoid that by remote training.

5) Hands-off experience.

One of the advantages of training in person is that the trainer can physically adjust you into the correct position. When training via webcam, this is not an option. Instead, you’ll learn how to make the movement yourself, without being babied into position. The only disadvantage of this is having a trainer who does not have adequate communication skills. Then it’s time to find another trainer.

6) Happier trainers.

Trainers usually have to pay the gym they work at in order to train people. Depending on the gym, they could be making just a fraction of what you’re actually paying them. (A trainer friend of mine works at a gym that charges $70/hour, but she only makes $30 of it.) Conversely, trainers who train via webcam pay nothing except their monthly internet cost. By working directly with trainers who teach via webcam, you are working with a trainer that feels more valued, meaning that he or she provides a full-ass (not half-ass) service, which means that you get better results.

7) Record button.

No more forgetting what your trainer said. You can record your training sessions! By using a program like Google Hangouts on Air (or even a simple program that records Skype calls), you can view your training session over and over again, revisiting techniques that were difficult to understand and need more review, or go back to a certain point to measure your progress or improvement. You build a virtual library of training videos.

I’ve said a few of the advantages of training via webcam, but there are definitely some things that you’re missing out on. Sweaty high-fives. Checking out the girls on the cardio equipment. Choosing a code at the locker room. I hope that advantages are at least enough to make you consider training via webcam, now or in the future. If you want some webcam training testimonials, check out the 90-Day Get Yoga-Ripped Program below. I’ve got a ton there!


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  1. I think you mean STAPH infection, in #4… unless you really are warning us about the infections that the gym employees — which I wouldn’t doubt COULD be a legit concern. We don’t know where they been…

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