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Ask Dean #3 – 9/12

Hi Dean,

I’ve injured my tail bone a couple years ago and it’s never healed properly. It will flare up now and then when I squat or dead lift. Is there any specific yoga pose to help relieve the pain and/or encourage it to heal?


Hey Hung,

Anything that you can do to strengthen your lower back and core will help. I just uploaded a mini-series to my YouTube channel. That will be a huge help! Check it out here:

Lower Back Pain Series #1 - Cat Cow

4 thoughts on “Ask Dean #3 – 9/12”

  1. Hi Dean
    I’m sure you get loads of questions like this so I apologise if this sounds stupid and you’ve answered it a million times..
    I’m 42 yrs old and I train in Brazilian jiu jitsu , I started my first yoga class and loved it, my question is this… Will yoga build muscle while increasing my flexibility .?? If so can I ditch the weight training and make yoga my sole workout?
    Hope you can help

  2. Dean, I’ve been using your videos, love them, and am wondering if you would take a request. I’m a runner and have been looking for a good stretch routine for before my runs to help get warmed up and avoid injuries. I was thinking a 15-20 min yoga session would be a great warm up but am not really sure which poses/order would be best to use. Could you come up with a routine, and maybe make it into a video? Thanks! Tyler

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