Chicago Man Flow Yoga Class – Saturday, December 27th

I’ll be making a stop in Chicago on Saturday, December 27th to teach a Man Flow Yoga class at Tandang Garimot Martial Arts and Wellness. The class will be a 90-minute Man Flow Yoga session that will focus on getting you a total body workout while developing strength, flexibility, and body control. The class will cover the foundational poses that build the strength and proper technique required to move into advanced poses arm balances and inversions, and also help improve your overall physique and physical fitness. The class will start at 12:00 PM and will go until 1:30 PM.

$20 for the 90-minute class. Looking forward to seeing you there!

– Dean

6 thoughts on “Chicago Man Flow Yoga Class – Saturday, December 27th”

  1. Hey Dean
    i signed up for your Chicago class, I am just starting out with yoga, is this class for advanced yogi’s?? Don’t want to feel like a looser.lol
    Thought this could be a Great way to learn about yoga.
    Please advise.
    Thanks for yourt time.
    Cliff Guilbeau

    1. Cliff – my class style is beginner-friendly. The way I explain the poses makes it easy for anyone to follow. I’ll give you the proper cues so you don’t hurt yourself, don’t worry. Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago!

  2. Hi Dean, I was just wondering if this class is for men only…? The name “Manflowyoga” kind of confuses me. Clarify please? By the way, I’m a girl and I’m sixteen and I’ve been doing yoga since this past summer. Thanks

    1. Hi Taylor,

      The name “Man Flow Yoga” is meant to appeal to a different audience. It’s meant to appeal to men, who typically (typically being the key word here) are not as keen on the spirituality of yoga, but the class is ideal for anybody who is interested in doing yoga for the physical results of yoga. 🙂


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