Common Excuses to Avoid Yoga

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Here is a list of excuses that I have heard when I ask people to come to one of my Man Flow Yoga classes, or attend a class with me. I am writing this mainly for your entertainment, but also to help reveal some of the misconceptions about yoga that I hear about on an (almost) daily basis. Also, I warn you that this article may “offend” some people. I’m hoping you understand my humor, but if you don’t, tough titties.

1) I need a real workout.

Yoga is harder than weightlifting. I did it for 6 years, and I know. It’s using your whole body versus using some of it.

2) I’m not flexible.

The worst excuse ever. You don’t avoid lifting because you’re weak, and likewise you shouldn’t avoid yoga because you’re inflexible. Plus, Man Flow Yoga workouts are about so much more than flexibility. It’s about balance, core strength, body control, and endurance.

3) Yoga is for girls.

Seriously? Are we still there? It’s 2014. Also, yoga was actually invented by men… for men. It was only until it became popular in the United States and Western Europe that it became associated as a form of physical fitness primarily for women.

4) Will yoga make me gay?

Yes. Yoga will make you gay, just like the legalization of gay marriage will turn you into a cock-lover.

5) Yoga is for gay people.

HOW does a form of physical exercise determine sexuality? Seriously?

6) Is Man Flow Yoga for women too?

Okay… this is a legitimate question. However, it’s definitely for women as well. It’s just a name. 🙂

7) I’m trying to get ripped, so I’ll go do weights.

If you’re trying to get ripped, you need exercises that will help you gain lean muscle mass, not put on bulky mass. Weight lifting without any other exercise will give you muscle mass, but you need cardio or yoga to get the “ripped” look.

8) I’m a Christian, so I don’t really feel comfortable going to a yoga class.

Yoga is not a religion. Yoga serves as an ideology that is utilized by major world religions (Buddhism, Hinduism), but yoga itself is not a religion.

9) I don’t want to listen to somebody talk about the universe.

Me neither. Come to a Man Flow Yoga class instead.

10) I’m sore.

Yoga will alleviate your soreness. It’s like massage therapy and exercise at the same time.

11) I’m tired.

Luckily for you, almost every yoga class has a pose called “final resting pose”. It’s the only workout where you get to take a nap at the end of it.

12) I’ve never done yoga before.

At one point I said the same thing about sex, but now I love it.

13) My back hurts.

Yoga helps your back. Just take it easy and respect your limits.

14) I don’t want to.

Well I can’t make you want to. If you really don’t want to, then don’t go, but at the least maybe give it a chance.

15) It’s expensive.

Fair. Yoga is expensive. But there are free yoga videos online, and there are tons of yoga studios that give out a free week of class. Do some research and find a place in your area that has a freebie class option.

16) My doctor said yoga is bad for you.

… #SaidNobodyEver

For the most part, I actually don’t hear too many good excuses. Most people just kind of smile apologetically and say that they will come next week, or think about coming next month, and then don’t get back to me. When it comes down to it, I will never force somebody to attend a class. My job is to inspire people to attend a yoga class, and specifically, to attend a Man Flow Yoga class with me.

I have a friend who just finished his first yoga class. He texted me the morning of, informing me that he was going to attend his first yoga class. I told him three things:
1) Listen to the instructor as carefully as possible.
2) Don’t pay attention to what other people are doing.
3) Don’t give it everything you have in the first 10 minutes.
After the class, he called me back and said that he was, “Ready to slay a dragon”.

So if you’re ready to slay a dragon, watch one of my videos or get to a MFY class.


5 Comments on “Common Excuses to Avoid Yoga”

  1. That was as entertaining as it is true. Us newbies don’t have a good reason not to practice yoga, we’re just afraid we’ll start buying strange cups of tea, spouting existential philosophical BS and begin shopping at Lululemon (I haven’t started any of the above by the way, but I’m on high alert).


  2. An equally interesting question is what makes you WANT to do yoga.

    Yoga is great for developing kinesthetic awareness , knowing where your limbs are, and for developing coordinated movement of those limbs. Improving these skills will transfer to better performance in virtually any sport or activity.

    Yoga is also an excellent way to improve mental focus, staying in the moment, playing in the zone. This skill, or lack of it, is very obvious in pommel horse gymnastics or slope style snowboarding, maybe less apparent but equally important in soccer or mountain biking, but whatever the activity, improved mental focus will translate to better performance.

  3. I’ve heard all of these and love your comments to them… I may just have to use a few of the comebacks too. Keep up the great work!!!


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