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I am writing this article to talk about my personal experience with Man Flow Yoga, and how following my passion has helped create a more fulfilling and happier life than I have ever known.

Man Flow Yoga is teaching me so much more than I initially thought. I started Man Flow Yoga with the idea to show guys that yoga was a great way for them to get in shape, that it was a great way for them to be healthy, increase their longevity, and just overall feel better. I knew that I would learn how to correct people’s mistakes while they were doing yoga, to help them develop a diet that works for them, and to help motivate people to work out. But here are a few things I did not know.

I did not know was how deeply personal physical fitness could be. I did not know that people would think that I was doing everything right, just because I had a great concept for a business and a good social media presence. I did not know the willingness of everyone to help spread my brand and promote my idea. I began to realize that what I was doing was actually inspiring people. It’s not because I’m making more money than everybody else. (I’m not, by the way.) It’s not because I’m more particularly “jacked” than other people. I can point out plenty of my friends who are just as thorough as I am with the way they take care of their physical bodies, and are just as cut as I am. It isn’t even because of the concept of Man Flow Yoga, believe it or not. What I’ve realized, over the past few months, is that the reason why I am able to inspire people is because of how much I believe in myself and how much I believe in the concept of Man Flow Yoga. I have friends who don’t even do yoga, despite my best efforts, and still love the idea of Man Flow Yoga. The reason why Man Flow Yoga inspires is because of passion. Pure and simple. I inspire people with Man Flow Yoga because I have the ability to display my passion on a clearly visible, highly accessible internet platform. The bottom line? I’ve learned that people are inspired by the passion of others.

Throughout college, I couldn’t see how I would be able to inspire other people. I heard all about inspiration, in TED talks, in Buzzfeed articles, and in magazines, but I dismissed those articles as irrelevant to me. I knew that I would have to put in decades of work before I would ever be able to inspire people to action. It just wasn’t something that happened in the line of work that I was in. It was odd that it took me such a long time to figure out what my real passion was. Everything for me up until my last year of college (and even a few months after that) was all preparing for the future. The future – this intangible, unreachable, parallel universe that would one day reveal itself to us in a showering of prosperity, a large house, hot wife, kids, and expensive dinners. Finally, I realized that my passion had been “the future”. So I stopped preparing the future. I stopped making decisions based on the past. I started to think more short term. What am I doing right now to have fun? Shouldn’t I be enjoying my 20s? And the answer was yes. So I started following my passion. I through myself into a career of uncertain success and certain enjoyment.

Has everything worked out? Of course not. I’ve had so many failures that I can’t even count them. I’ve been robbed by website developers, spent money on things I don’t need, and pissed off a few people. At least I’m following my passion. I’m happy doing what I am doing, I’m not overworking myself, and I’m having fun. Just remember that your passion isn’t your future. Your passion happens now. Live in the moment a little. We’re all here to have some fun, make some mistakes, and be the best we can with whatever we’re given. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

And FFS, do something that you enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Follow your passion”

  1. Way to go!! I salute you and your passion and success. I have been at the practice of yoga for the past 2.5 yrs. it has changed my life in my concept of fitness both physically and mentally. I have so enjoyed following you and doing so many of your videos in my home practice especially when I travel. I am just beginning to grow in confidence with my home practice routine with your inspiration. Shine on Man!! Namaste!!

  2. The maturing of a man is truly a truly a wonderful. Thing to watch. I have been an earlier adopter of your website and had remarked a number of times : stick to your guns etc. As A long time high school teacher I know passion when I see it , and recognize it can over come so many things. Well done on your recent post


  3. Dean, you hit it right on…. The future will be an intangible goal if you don’t stop and enjoy the moment now. So many people spend more time dreaming of “what ifs”
    Instead of doing the what nows. Enjoy your commentaries….

  4. Great artical. Very well said. I followed my passion for many, many, many years and found happiness, money, and inner peace.

    Keep on keeping on!!


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