Inactivity: The #1 Cause of Aches and Pains

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Discomfort or pain in your body is usually explained why one of two things: (1) Pain and (2) weakness. Sure, some of these happen as a result of a one-time occurrence, such as being struck by something, or stubbing your toe on the coffee table. In most cases, however, these aches and discomforts pop up as a result of continued practices over time. Even diseases start as one strain of cells before multiplying into something significant. Physical pain is no different. It, too, has a source. Do you know what the #1 practice for causing aches and pains is? It’s actually not a practice at all. It’s a lack of practice completely. The culprit, my friends, is inactivity.

Let’s use your back as an example. When your back hurts, this is because the muscles in your spine are either tight from lack of stretching, or weak from lack of exercise. Think about the pain that you experience. Often it hurts just to be sitting down – and the reason is obvious! Check out this generic photo that I took from google images.
Can you imagine if you were to stand in that hunched position all day? Of course your back would hurt! So it’s no wonder why your back hurts while you sit. Your body was made to move, and when it stays in the same position, particularly in one that is not neutral, it starts to get angry!

The answer then, is to start moving more. Building range of motion and strength in the muscles of your spine (in addition to the muscles that work in conjunction with your spine, like your abs) through systematic exercise over time will help to to solve the root cause of this pain.

I know what you’re thinking. “Systematic exercise”? Do you mean a workout routine? Yup. But it doesn’t have to last as long as you think.

Working out for an hour every day is a lofty goal, but what do you think about 10 minutes? How about less than 10 minutes? Here is a beginner’s routine I put together that takes just about 8 minutes. That’s it! I want you to try and do these exercises every other day (or maybe every day) for the next week. Exercise is only effective when done over time, but the exercises and postures in this video have the ability to immediately relieve discomfort and increase energy. Make this tiny commitment to yourself, and your body will feel better!

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