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How a Major League Lacrosse All-Star Uses Yoga to Improve Performance

How a Major League Lacrosse All-Star Uses Yoga to Improve Performance

Yoga Edge goes live on October 16 and I’ve put together some awesome interviews with athletes to talk about yoga and their respective sports. This is the first of the series, and we focus on my own personal sport – lacrosse!

In this video I speak with Major League Lacrosse All-Star Chris Bocklet (also a friend of mine) to talk about how yoga helps Chris perform and stay healthy at the highest level. Chris and I met on the lacrosse field about a year ago, and I introduced him to Man Flow Yoga a few months after that.

Chris is 100% focused on staying healthy and being able to play as long as he possibly can. That’s why yoga’s such a good fit for him. According to Chris, the biggest changes he’s noticed since including yoga are:

  • Incorporating much more restorative work into his routine
  • Focusing more on warm-ups and cool-downs, particularly in the hips
  • Nightly mobility sessions to relieve muscle tension and recover more quickly

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