The Manbassadors Revamped Program – Now Accepting Applications

Manbassador Mission Statement:

The Manbassadors are a group of individuals committed to the goal of developing and further growing the Man Flow Yoga Community. These individuals do so by (1) interacting with members of the Man Flow Yoga Community on a personal level, (2) sharing their fitness experiences both within and outside of Man Flow Yoga™, (3) providing encouragement and inspiration to members of the community and (4) pursuing their own personal growth and self-development in fitness and beyond.

This position is for someone interested in being a leader within the Man Flow Yoga Community as a source of help and inspiration for other members of the Man Flow Yoga Community.  This is not a “resume-stacking” position. Potential Manbassadors may or may not also have business interests that align with Man Flow Yoga.

Manbassador Roles / Responsibilities:

1. Man Flow Yoga Decisions & Direction

  1. Manbassadors are an integral part of the decision-making process of Man Flow Yoga, and are invited to participate in group meetings to discuss new ideas, projects, or otherwise. These meetings are held on an ad-hoc basis.

2. Community Involvement

  1. Every new subscriber to the Man Flow Yoga Community through the Members Area is paired with a Manbassador. The Manbassador is there to provide encouragement to, inspire, and welcome the new subscriber to the Man Flow Yoga Community, either through an email or other message, and as well as answer simple questions that the subscriber may have to help him or her get started.

3. Promotion

  1. Manbassadors commit to posting about Man Flow Yoga at least once per week, either via Facebook or Instagram. Dean sends out an email once per week with a certain topic to post about. Manbassadors can publish the posts whenever it suits their social media schedule, but are asked to do so within 3 days of receiving the email. Some examples of the content of this post include:
    • a particularly important blog release
    • a helpful YouTube video
    • a new product release (eBook, workout program, etc)
    • a motivational post
    • retreats
    • workshops
  2. Manbassadors regularly contribute to online forums of the Man Flow Yoga Community, including:
    • Social media – Man Flow Yoga Facebook Page, Instagram, and YouTube
    • The Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook Group
    • The Man Flow Yoga Members-only Website
  3. Manbassadors should also help to spread brand awareness by promoting the following (with no particular required level of frequency or total number of posts):
    • retreats
    • workshops
    • new product releases
    • social media posts

Benefits, Opportunities, and Restrictions

Personal Page on Man Flow Yoga Website:

  1. Manbassadors receive a page on the Man Flow Yoga website. This is a space where you can introduce yourself to the Man Flow Yoga Community, as well as discuss your personal or business interests. You are encouraged to include your biography, physical fitness background, a story regarding a personal experience with Man Flow Yoga (i.e. your first meeting with Dean, the first Man Flow Yoga video you saw, etc), and business or personal ventures that you would like to promote or advertise. You should also give your contact information (email address), and explain that you are here to help people.


Manbassadors are expected to provide reviews (when applicable) and to share the product on social media. Manbassadors receive the following discounts:

    • 100% off all Man Flow Yoga digital products
    • 50% off monthly membership (silver only)
    • 25% discounts on apparel

Income / Affiliate Opportunity

Manbassadors have the ability to earn revenue from the sale of Man Flow Yoga digital products, such as eBooks, workout programs, or workout videos. This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to make Man Flow Yoga involved in businesses related to health & wellness, self-development, and more.

Teaching Man Flow Yoga (Restriction):

Given that their is no training associated with becoming a Manbassador, the Manbassador status unfortunately does not give you permission to teach Man Flow Yoga classes. However, you are encouraged to integrate techniques, postures, or exercises that you encounter in Man Flow Yoga workouts into your own teaching. (But please be courteous and credit Man Flow Yoga when doing this.)

Term Length

If you are selected to be a Manbassador, you should plan on fulfilling your role for at least one year. At year’s end, you can speak with Dean about continuing or ceasing your role of Manbassador.


Manbassadors can be terminated for the following reasons:

  • Not talking enough.
  • Being destructive or demoralizing.

The rules are simple: be proactive about interacting with the Man Flow Yoga Community, and be helpful resource of source of inspiration for other people.

Apply to be A Manbassador:

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Do you have to agree with everything Dean says in order to be a Manbassador?

No. Just, no. Please be yourself. But be open to other interpretations and ways of thought.

Why isn’t everything free if I am a Manbassador?

We would love for the Manbassadors to receive everything for free. Unfortunately, when people do not pay for something they tend not to value the product. By paying only 50% of full price on the monthly membership products, you are spending only a few dollars, but it changes your mindset. It makes you a more active participant, and makes you a better Manbassador for the members with whom you are paired, and also more motivated to promote Man Flow Yoga.

I’m busy. How much of a time commitment are we talking about?

We don’t expect you to commit more than one hour per week. Most of these tasks are things that you already are doing anyways, such as participating in social media or responding to emails. If you feel overburdened, we will do our best to lighten your load.

How many members of the Man Flow Yoga Community will I be paired with?

Anywhere between 10 and 25, depending on the level of activity of the members.

What other opportunities are there as a Manbassador?

There are many. Some of the existing Manbassadors contribute to Man Flow Yoga through video editing, web design, administrative tasks, business consulting, any more. As a Manbassador, you will have that opportunity as well!

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