How Bill Uses Man Flow Yoga to Turn Pounds of Fat Into Pounds of Muscle (Member Highlight: Bill W.)

Man Flow Yoga is a program that I believe in and I’m convinced of that I will stick with for the rest of my life. It’s been so beneficial. I look forward to it every morning. When I get up and I do yoga at least three times a week, cardio the other three days a week, I always look forward to exercising. I know I’ll be stretched sometimes, I’ll be challenged, but I will always feel better after the workout. I’ll feel more alive

 Bill W.

Bill W. was originally attracted to Man Flow Yoga during Covid. But he realized that he loved that he could do Man Flow Yoga at home, on his schedule, and with very little gear, that he’s stuck with his membership for years. And he even told our team that he plans to stick with Man Flow Yoga for the rest of his life. 

Now, that’s a bold claim. But the results Bill’s gotten from his first few years as a Member have convinced him of this. 

Of course, Bill has made many noticeable improvements since joining Man Flow Yoga. Some of the most important to him include: 

  • Overall strength development 
  • More coordination and better balance
  • Greater flexibility 
  • A slightly thinner waist 
  • More athletic-looking legs
  • More muscularity in his shoulders and arms
  • Better muscle and posture awareness

The last one also had an unintended benefit: Because Bill has a greater awareness of his body and posture, he’s been able to “hold” his body in different ways to project more confidence and strength. 

He’s also noticed that Man Flow Yoga has improved his running ability. During one workout, Dean included a few foot exercises and Bill thought foot exercises seemed a bit silly at first. But he did them—and was shocked by how much they improved his ability to run. Not only does he have less foot pain, but the foot exercises also help him provide more support to his ankles.

And you know what? 

While these are great improvements, they aren’t what Bill likes to brag most about.

How Bill Replaces Two Pounds of Fat with Two Pounds of Muscle Every Year

Your body goes through several changes as you grow older. A lot of things become harder, especially your ability to burn fat and tack on muscle. 

Well, Bill’s living proof that you can still burn fat and add muscle—and even do both at the same time—even as you age. 


Because in two years of consistently doing Man Flow Yoga (3x per week), he’s turned four pounds of fat into four pounds of muscle! 

How does he know this? 

Well, Bill goes into his doctor for an annual checkup where he gets a fairly accurate measure of his muscle mass. For the past two checkups Bill’s gotten, he’s turned two pounds of fat into two pounds of muscle. 

His big takeaway from this is that the body weight exercises, poses, and general strength-based approach to yoga make a huge difference in his physical and muscular fitness. His doctor even compliments him on this feat each year because it’s no small feat! 

How Man Flow Yoga Helped Bill Become A Calmer Scuba Diver (And Other Non-Fitness Benefits) 

There are a ton of benefits that Bill applies outside of his fitness regimen, like scuba diving. Bill’s an active scuba diver. And thanks to his Man Flow Yoga workouts and the emphasis placed on breathing in the workouts, he’s noticed that he has a slower breathing rate when he’s 130 feet underwater. 

This has helped his body and mind remain calmer underwater, which allows him to take in the breathtaking scenery more fully. 

Also, because of Dean’s incredible attention to detail when giving instructions, especially when explaining what you should feel in your muscles, Bill’s understanding of muscle activation and posture has significantly improved. This keeps injuries and aches at bay, improves his confidence, and even helps him in the water. 

Bill’s 3 Favorite Parts of Man Flow Yoga 

Bill plans to stay a Man Flow Yoga Member for the rest of his life. And there are three key reasons why: 

Reason #1: Dean’s encouraging coaching style 

We’ve already discussed some reasons Bill loves Dean’s coaching style, but there are more reasons. 

First, Bill loves how good Dean is at giving feedback during the videos. Bill finds it more valuable than even being in an in-person studio class. Even though Man Flow Yoga is online, it feels more personal to Bill because of this. Bill even told our team, “Dean has an [uncanny] ability to provide feedback without actually seeing someone.” 

He also challenges himself more, leading to more effective workouts and faster results, because Dean encourages him to hold poses for a few more breaths and to try to go deeper. These reminders help Bill (and thousands of our other Members) get the most out of his membership. 

Reason #2: The vast variety of structured programs inside Man Flow Yoga 

Bill also loves that there’s a structured program (and one-off workout) available no matter how he’s feeling—physically or mentally. 

On days when Bill feels tired or has a lack of energy, he’ll pick an easier and shorter workout or program. On days when Bill feels wired and ready to conquer the day, he’ll up the difficulty and length. 

There’s never a day—no matter how little or much time or energy he has—where there isn’t a perfect workout to follow along to. 

Ultimately, thanks to the wide variety, he can always grow in his yoga practice, which only compounds over time. 

Reason #3: He cares more about strength and results than spirituality 

While there’s nothing wrong with yoga that focuses on spirituality, to Bill and the vast majority of our Members, they’re simply more interested in a strength- and results-based approach to yoga. 

And Man Flow Yoga serves that up in droves. 

Also, since it feels like more of a workout, Bill uses Man Flow Yoga to start his day. It makes him feel alive, brimming with energy and exuding confidence that most men his age have lost. 

Why Bill (And Your Body) Want You To Join Man Flow Yoga

It doesn’t matter how old you are… 

How inflexible you are… 

How much (or little) strength you have… 

Or how long it’s been since you’ve done any sort of physical exercise… 

…you can do Man Flow Yoga workouts. 

As Bill said, not only is there a vast variety of workouts, but each workout has its own difficulty level set. 

If you’re brand new to working out, you can start on the easier workouts. We even have a guided 3-month Program Progression designed for absolute beginners.

If this isn’t your first yoga rodeo, then you can jump straight into a more difficult program or workout. 

Best part? 

You can test out the Members’ Area completely free of charge for your first week. And who knows, two years from now, you might be saying that you’re gonna be a Member for life too, like Bill.

Join The Man Flow Yoga Community 

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How Bill Uses Man Flow Yoga to Turn Pounds of Fat Into Pounds of Muscle (Member Highlight: Bill W.)

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