Why Man Flow Yoga Isn’t Anything Like Basic Yoga – Hint: It Will Give You Noticeable Results (Member Highlight: Jason A.)

Jason A., a Man Flow Yoga Member for over 2 years, initially joined Man Flow Yoga because he had body imbalances from years of being a banga—Bollywood’s more intense version of Zumba—fitness instructor. And he wanted to prevent injuring himself. 

Like many of our Members, he started with the 7-Day Beginner’s Yoga for Men Challenge, and was instantly hooked. Despite being an active guy before Man Flow Yoga, including having years of yoga experience, Man Flow Yoga proved to be the superior method of working out for Jason. 


Well, being a banga instructor means long, grueling days. It’s not unusual for him to work 12 (or more) hours on his feet. And Man Flow Yoga made sense because he could do it right in his living room. 

But he quickly realized that Man Flow Yoga wasn’t just another typical online yoga class. 

In fact, he started noticing changes to his physique almost immediately. He lost weight, and tacked on muscle. In fact, he’s down 30 lbs total since joining Man Flow Yoga. 

But perhaps even more important than that?

Remember, he originally joined to prevent injuring himself by balancing his body. Well, since he starts his morning every day with Man Flow Yoga, he’s also noticed less aches and pains from his physically demanding job. Plus, he’s had some issues with achilles tendonitis and a Baker’s Cyst on his left leg, and that doesn’t trouble him nearly as much either. 

And you know what?

The physical benefits Jason’s experienced since joining Man Flow Yoga only tell half the story!

How Man Flow Yoga Made Jason More Productive, Helped Him Make Better Decisions, And Opened His Mind

Jason starts every morning the same way: On his Man Flow Yoga Mat watching a Man Flow Yoga workout.

And he’s noticed some pretty remarkable mental benefits since he started this routine:

First, he’s more productive. He can handle 12 and 13 hour shifts much easier than he could before Man Flow Yoga—both physically and mentally. He’s also more disciplined. Even when he feels achy and sore in the morning, he pushes through his Man Flow Yoga workout because he knows it will make him feel better. 

Second, he makes better decisions now. From waking up early enough to squeeze in a Man Flow Yoga workout to sticking with his diet that’s helped him shed 30 lbs since he became a Man Flow Yoga Member. 

And last, Jason said because yoga opens his body, it also opens his mind. This makes powering through his day a breeze, even as he works 12+ hour shifts on his feet the entire time. In fact, he’d be lost without his morning Man Flow Yoga routine because with his hectic schedule, he needs a boost of energy and good vibes before starting his day. 

And according to Jason, there’s no better way to accomplish this than starting his day with Man Flow Yoga. 

What are Jason’s favorite aspects of Man Flow Yoga?

First and foremost, Jason got instantly hooked on Man Flow Yoga because of Dean’s coaching style. It was unlike any other yoga class he ever went to. In fact, despite doing yoga for years before discovering Man Flow Yoga, he never realized yoga could make his muscles burn! Before, when he went to the basic yoga classes, it was more of a cardio workout. But with Man Flow Yoga, instead of just sweating, he feels his muscles working. 

That’s why he fell in love with the inclusion of strength mixed with mobility and flexibility that Man Flow Yoga offers. He even compared Man Flow Yoga to more like a gym session than other types of yoga he’s tried in the past. 

And he’s even learned his body better since joining Man Flow Yoga. Thanks to Dean’s precise instructions on muscle activation, Jason’s a better banga fitness instructor and less likely to injure himself on the job. 

Plus, he loves the wide variety of options in Man Flow Yoga. Dean’s short descriptions of each workout helps him pick the best exercise to do depending on the day’s specific needs. 

He also loves the community aspect of Man Flow Yoga in our Members Only Facebook Group. He’s forged several friendships with other Members in the group. And they all keep each other motivated and inspired to get their workouts in.

Why Jason wants you to try Man Flow Yoga

Jason stumbled on Man Flow Yoga by accident, and it quickly became the best “accident” he’s ever made. It offered him exactly what he was looking for, and he’s a lot better off for discovering Man Flow Yoga. 

In fact, Man Flow Yoga is so embedded into his routine that he says his Man Flow Yoga mat feels like home. 

When comparing it to other types of yoga he’s tried in the past, he says it’s not even comparable. 

“​​When I first started yoga, I didn’t know what it was and I just went to yoga classes here in the city. It was just an hour of music paying and following the instructor, practicing what you could. But I really wasn’t working on muscle technique. I was just sweating, so I had no knowledge of what yoga was. That changed with Man Flow Yoga. It works on your muscles and your technique. And within months you can actually see the difference in your physique.” 

Jason A.
Why Man Flow Yoga Isn’t Anything Like Basic Yoga (Member Highlight: Jason A.)

Do you want to try a yoga program that focuses on your muscles, your technique, and gives you visible results in just a few short months? 

If you’d like to walk in Jason’s footsteps, you can sign up for your free 7-day trial below: 

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