Member Highlight: Joe, Rhode Island

Member Highlight: Joe, Rhode Island

Introducing our Member Highlights blog series!

At the beginning of every month, we’ll feature 2-3 stories from within the Man Flow Yoga Community from everyday guys who are using Man Flow Yoga to reclaim their health, improve their fitness, and become more confident in their well-being.

We’re sharing these for a few reasons:

  1. To celebrate YOU! Man Flow Yoga would be nothing without the Man Flow Yoga Community. All that we do is for YOU. We want to celebrate your success, and this is a great way to do that.
  2. We want to inspire other people with real stories from Man Flow Yoga. There are so many choices when it comes to your fitness, and you want to be sure that you’re not wasting your time on something that doesn’t work. Here’s the proof – if you can be consistent and follow along to the workouts (even if you can’t do them all), then you’re going to feel stronger!
  3. We enjoy it. It’s rewarding for us to hear that the work we’ve been putting into Man Flow Yoga on a daily basis for almost the last decade is helping men live better, healthier lives. 

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Our Member Highlight of May 2022 is Joe of Providence, Rhode Island.

Member Highlight: Joe, Rhode Island

Joe was rapidly approaching 50 years old and had adopted a sedentary lifestyle. He was overweight by 25 pounds. That combination of reaching the big 5-0, not moving enough, and being overweight motivated him to start exercising.

But he knew he needed something that wasn’t high-impact or would hurt his joints. He needed a program that he could ease into over time. But he needed more than just weight loss – his posture and his flexibility was terrible. Being slumped over a computer all day, his shoulders were extremely fight – and his hamstrings felt like they were on the verge of snapping!

Joe had done a little bit of yoga years ago, so he went looking for a beginner program that would help him with his flexibility, but would work well with his current fitness and flexibility levels.

When he saw Man Flow Yoga, he was confident that it would help.

Fortunately, the benefits came quickly! Within his first month, he noticed that his flexibility was increasing in his low-back, hamstrings, and his whole body. Whereas before his hamstrings were so tight he couldn’t reach past his knees, he was able to place his hands flat on the floor in  just a few weeks.

Joe was watching his body change before his very eyes. He was dropping weight (he lost 25 lbs in a year) and looking more muscular. But he was FEELING better. He has  almost eliminated pain and discomfort that he used to have on a daily basis as a result of sitting at a desk and being overweight.

Thanks to his hard work and consistency doing his Man Flow Yoga workouts, Joe built up the strength and flexibility to be able to start working out effectively at the gym, too. He’s been doing a combination of Man Flow Yoga and weight training for a year now, and even though he’s done weight lifting in the past, he’s cruising past plateaus and making new personal bests – and there’s no sign of stopping!

There’s also been unexpected benefits. 

Joe’s never had a solid exercise routine, but joining Man Flow Yoga has helped him establish an exercise habit. Every Sunday, he plans out his workouts for the week. He uses the smart calendar features in the Man Flow Yoga App so he knows exactly which workouts he’s doing and when, and it helps prepare him mentally for the workout that’s coming the next day. He enjoys knowing what to expect, and that helps him stay consistent.

What’s Joe say about the workouts?

  • “The instructions are so good I hardly have to look at the TV.”
  • …in some ways it almost feels like personal coaching. You’re not in a yoga studio with you and a dozen other people.. It’s just you one on one with Dean, andnd it really does feel like a personal coaching session.”

Joe also enjoys that Dean is doing the workouts alongside you. You’ll see Dean struggling with you, so it makes you feel better if you’re struggling, too.

Joe likes the convenience. You do the workouts in your own home, in your own space, on your own time. There’s no getting in the car and driving to the studio, and he doesn’t have to worry about being the only guy there.

Why does Joe think you should do Man Flow Yoga?

“I would tell me friends and family that there is an incredible variety in the programs… geared toward different levels. Dean offers corrections and modifications to different postures, so if you want to lighter you can; if you go more intense, you can do that as well.

Dean also gives you the tools for success. The variety, clear explanations, clear instructions…. It’s really up to you to stick to it, and reap the benefits of the program.

I also really appreciate the community that’s developed. It is a supportive environment where people motivate each other and share success and talk about issues they’re having. It’s really become almost like a health and wellness site, and it really is something unique on Facebook and I think in the workout community as a whole. It’s a tremendous assets, and it’s awesome.”

Joe has been a Member of Man Flow Yoga since November of 2020, and as of May 2022 is 50 years old. Joe is the IT director for an art and design college in Providence, and has an MBA and is a certified project manager. He has two daughters, both of whom are competitive collegiate athletes.

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