How Man Flow Yoga Helped Kevin Become a Long-Distance Runner (Even After Knee Surgery)(Member Highlight: Kevin K.)

Longtime Man Flow Yoga Member, Kevin K., initially discovered Man Flow Yoga when looking for a way to correct his muscle imbalances. A few years prior, Kevin had an intense knee surgery, and felt like he could never get back to where he was before his surgery. 

Despite doing all sorts of physical therapy post-surgery and even visiting the chiropractor weekly, nothing could restore Kevin’s right knee’s dexterity to its pre-surgery state. By chance, Kevin stumbled on the Man Flow Yoga YouTube channel and started noticing that he felt better after doing a Man Flow Yoga session. 

Not only was a consistent yoga practice helping Kevin improve his balance, but he found himself growing more confident in his body too. Particularly when it comes to running… 

Man Flow Yoga Helped Kevin Run A Marathon… Here’s How:

One of Kevin’s lifelong goals was to become a long-distance runner. But after his knee surgery (which happened seven years prior to joining Man Flow Yoga), Kevin put these dreams on pause. There were stretches when he felt like he’d never achieve his goal to race in a marathon, especially with the imbalance that developed between his right and left leg. 

But his consistent yoga practice was making his dream become more and more realistic. 

The more Man Flow Yoga workouts Kevin did, the more he restored his dreams of becoming a long-distance runner.

First, Man Flow Yoga helped him correct his muscle imbalances, which was the #1 hurdle standing in between Kevin and his goals. 

Second, Man Flow Yoga strengthened his core, which is a crucial ingredient for the success of a long-distance runner. 

Third, his breathing and running form improved. He runs with his shoulders back now and his torso aligned over his hips, which give him a competitive edge when he’s running. And his consistent yoga practice also helps him not get burned out physically when running far distances. 

Kevin even told our team during our interview that he was only a few weeks out from his firsts 32-mile race—that’s longer than a marathon!—something he told us he couldn’t even have dreamed of just a few years ago. 

(He’s since completed the race… and fellow Members can ask him in our private Facebook group, another one of Kevin’s most beloved benefits of membership, how he performed in it.) 

Best part?

Well, this isn’t the ONLY benefit Kevin’s gotten from his Man Flow Yoga Membership… 

3 Other Ways Man Flow Yoga Improved Kevin’s Life

While Kevin’s first love is distance running, he’s not a stranger to the gym. He still goes to the gym and strength trains a few times a week. And Man Flow Yoga helped him here. 

First, he’s developed more body awareness from Dean’s attention-to-detail instructor style. This helps him better target certain muscles, preventing imbalances, and reducing his risk of injuries. 

But Man Flow Yoga helped Kevin outside of the physical realm too. 

The most unexpected benefit, Kevin told our team, is the mental benefit from consistently working out with Dean and Man Flow Yoga. 

He finds himself more focused and calm throughout his days. He doesn’t push himself more than necessary or safely when he’s working out—something he used to struggle with when he was younger. And he’s found a deeper sense of clarity in every aspect of his life: In his career, with his relationships, and with his everyday mood. 

And last but not least… 

Kevin’s all-time favorite aspect of Man Flow Yoga actually has little to do with yoga, physical strength, or mental toughness at all. Instead, it’s the community. 

Kevin has long been a top contributor in The Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook Group (available for all Members). 

He loves feeling like he’s a part of a tribe. He’s even found some of his closest friends in The Man Flow Yoga Community. 

Not only is it a great place to dish out or receive motivation and inspiration, but the connections can go much deeper than that. Kevin loves how vulnerable some of the other Members get in the group, using it to ask personal—and tough—questions about life, relationships, and more. 

Why Kevin Wants You To Join Man Flow Yoga 

Besides (selfishly) wanting to meet and interact with more Members inside the Community,  Kevin credits Man Flow Yoga for his incredible recovery story. We’ve played a key role in helping him build consistency in his yoga practice (Kevin loves participating in challenges). And he’s found some lifelong friends through his Man Flow Yoga journey. 

While each of these are reasons to join Man Flow Yoga today, none of them are why Kevin thinks you should join. 

Kevin’s reason is much simpler: 

“It doesn’t matter where you start. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never taken a yoga class in your life, if you don’t own a mat, if you can’t touch your toes, it absolutely doesn’t matter. There is a pace for you. There’s a community that will support you in whatever stage you are in your practice. Practice. It’s easy. Just get in there, try it out, do a short workout, you’re going to feel better. It’s really easy to ease into it, and especially with the challenges that accountability, those reminders, and the community really help keep you motivated. With many things that I’ve tried and given up over the years, this is one platform, one community that I keep coming back to thank.”

Join The Man Flow Yoga Community 

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