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Man Flow Yoga Made Lee, A Wildlife and Landscape Photographer, More Flexible At 54 Than He’s Ever Been (Member Highlight: Lee H.)

A few years ago, Lee H., a 54-year-old Man Flow Yoga Member became interested in yoga because his wife became a certified yoga instructor. 

Lee works as a wildlife and landscape photographer, so his livelihood requires him to get into awkward positions to capture the perfect, most breathtaking pictures. And so, he thought that adding a yoga routine to his fitness regimen would help him stay injury-free and flexible enough to do his job. 

Lee’s never been particularly limber. After long days of shooting, the stiffness and tightness he felt in his muscles drove him crazy. So when his wife became a certified yoga instructor, it was natural that he started doing more yoga. 

But there was only one problem… 

The poses his wife did, and some of the spiritual stuff that’s attached with most traditional forms of yoga didn’t appeal to him. He couldn’t get his inflexible body into some of the poses she did, and he actually increased his risk of injury by trying to mimic her—a common problem for men trying to follow a style of yoga that predominantly focuses on women

But then Lee and his wife went on a trip to Mexico that changed his life… 

How Lee Discovered Man Flow Yoga in Mexico

After his wife became a certified yoga instructor, they decided to vacation in Mexico. While there, they passed a yoga store that his wife wanted to check out. At this point, Lee had already given up the idea that yoga could make him more flexible (and thus, able to perform better in his career). 

But as they browsed the yoga store in Mexico, Lee caught sight of a book title that would forever change the way he thought about yoga…

Among hundreds of different books in this yoga store, one book in particular caught Lee’s attention. 

The book? 

Yoga Fitness for Men: Build Strength, Improve Performance, and Increase Flexibility by, you guessed it, Dean Pohlman (the founder of Man Flow Yoga). 

Lee doesn’t know why the book jumped out at him at first. But he’s been quietly wanting to try a fitness-first yoga program that would increase his mobility and flexibility, so his body could handle spending hours in awkward poses capturing the perfect wildlife or landscape photo. 

So, he picked up the book, and started skimming through some of the pages. This book was the first style of yoga that resonated with Lee on a visceral level. 

Instead of being a spiritually-led yoga practice, the book focused on the fitness, flexibility, and injury-prevention benefits of yoga. Lee bought the book, then immediately went to the Man Flow Yoga website to learn more about this “weird” style of yoga. 

The website further confirmed his suspicions: 

Man Flow Yoga was the perfect type of yoga for his specific goals! 

How Man Flow Yoga Helped Lee Become More Flexible At 54 Than He’s Ever Been

After checking out the website, Lee then went to YouTube to watch some of the free Man Flow Yoga routines Dean’s released on the channel—and he instantly fell in love. 

After years of searching for a fitness-focused yoga program that could build his strength, improve his flexibility and mobility, and most important of all, help him prevent injuries, he became hooked. 

He watched a few free YouTube videos and followed along, then signed up for a Man Flow Yoga Membership. 

Day after day, he felt his once rigid and inflexible body become more and more flexible. 

With every Man Flow Yoga workout, routine, and program he followed, he became more confident in his ability to do his job—which, again, involves putting his body in awkward positions for hours—without getting injured. 

Shortly after his 54th birthday, he made a powerful realization:

He’s more flexible at 54 than he’s ever been at any other point in his life!

And you know what?

This is something that 90% (or more) of Man Flow Yoga Members experience too—no matter their age. 

Lee hasn’t been happier, more flexible, or more confident in his body’s ability since joining Man Flow Yoga. 

Lee’s only regret about Man Flow Yoga? 

That he didn’t know about Man Flow Yoga 30 years ago!

Ready to join Man Flow Yoga yourself? 

Ask any of our Members, and they’ll tell you joining Man Flow Yoga is the same as the ancient Chinese proverb about planting a tree:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” 

And so it is with joining Man Flow Yoga

If you want to plant your Man Flow Yoga “tree,” and prevent injuries, build your strength, and increase your flexibility and active mobility, there’s no better time to join than today: 

>> Start your 7-day free trial to Man Flow Yoga here <<

Man Flow Yoga Made A Wildlife Photographer More Flexible At 54 Than Ever (Member Highlight: Lee H.)

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