How Man Flow Yoga Erased Pain From Murray Savar’s Life (Member Highlight: Murray Savar)

“Years ago, I took a yoga class and my body just couldn’t stretch in those ways so I looked up men’s yoga online and there it was and that’s that was it and I’ve been hooked ever since. It has changed everything. I am pain free.” 

— Murray Savar, Man Flow Yoga Member

A year and half ago, 67-year-old Murray Saver suffered a pretty significant back injury during the pandemic. He overworked his body during the pandemic—by walking the steps of his high-rise and running too much—and he didn’t stretch at all. 

One day, this finally caught up to him, and sent him through a whirl of pain. 

But Murry had a good sports doctor who suggested physical therapy, and he fell in love with it. He went to physical therapy religiously. And he noticed that many of the physical therapy exercises he did had a yoga-like quality to them. 

Well, one day, Murray finished his physical therapy — even though he had a desire to continue it. Being forced to “graduate” from his physical therapy classes left a hole in his fitness routine… until a lightbulb went off in his head:

He remembered the yoga-like quality his favorite physical therapy exercises had, and wanted to give yoga a shot. 

But there was one problem… 

He took a yoga class years ago, but his body couldn’t stretch like everyone else in the class. (Spoiler alert: Murray was one of the only guys in this public yoga class.) 

Then, another lightbulb went off in Murray’s head: He decided to find a yoga program designed for men. He googled men’s yoga online, discovered Man Flow Yoga through our free YouTube videos, and a few months later, signed up for Man Flow Yoga. 

Murray’s been hooked ever since. And now lives a life free of pain. 

How Man Flow Yoga Erased Pain From Murray’s Life 

Murray teaches elementary and high school music. He often sits on the floor during class with his kids. Before Man Flow Yoga, pains erupted through Murray’s joints and muscles when he tried standing up. But since joining Man Flow Yoga about a year ago, those pains disappeared. He’s spry and feels like one of the kids he teaches. 

But that’s just one of several benefits Murray has experienced since signing up for Man Flow Yoga. 

Murray also likes to cycle as part of his fitness and cardiovascular routine. He told our team that he noticed vast improvements with cycling, especially with nasal breathing—something he picked up from various videos in The Breath Series 28-Day Challenge. 

He also reported that since starting Man Flow Yoga, his energy levels have skyrocketed and he sleeps much better each and every night. 

How Did Murray’s Workout Routine Evolved Thanks To Man Flow Yoga

Before Man Flow Yoga, Murray did unstructured workouts. He lifted weights, but didn’t know what he was doing. He also ran, but running took a toll on his joints—each pounding step you take doing a high-impact exercise like running wears away at the delicate cartilage that cushions them. Over time and with age, your cartilage wears down, causing your joints to grind against each other, leading to pain and stiffness. 

As mentioned earlier, this unstructured workout style eventually led to a massive injury that made Murry think he’d have to have surgery. 

Today, he only uses a mixture of walking, resistance bands, and Man Flow Yoga to support his fitness goals.

Best part? 

Murray has experienced significant transformations to his health (even though he didn’t lose weight). 

Two Crucial Ways Man Flow Yoga Transformed Murray’s Health 

Pain-free? Check. 

Improved cardiovascular health? Check. 

Higher energy levels? Check.

Better sleep and sleep quality? Check. 

Even getting only one of these “upgrades” can make a dramatic improvement in your daily life. But achieving all four—especially at 67 years old—is something that happens to many of our Man Flow Yoga Members. 

And you know what? These aren’t even the best health benefits Murray unlocked through Man Flow Yoga… 

Let’s look at the two most significant health improvements Murray made: 

1. How Man Flow Yoga normalized Murray’s blood pressure 

The first significant health transformation Murray experienced with Man Flow Yoga?

He normalized his blood pressure! For years, Murray struggled with high blood pressure, which is also called the “silent killer.” 


Well, many people with high blood pressure don’t experience any symptoms. 

But imagine your arteries as narrow pipes that carry blood throughout your body. When your blood pressure is too high, it forces your blood through those pipes with extra force, like trying to squeeze a thick, sticky liquid through a straw. This extra pressure can make your heart work harder. And it can damage your blood vessels, leading to a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, and other serious health problems. 

Yet, when our team sat down with Murray, he told us he no longer has high blood pressure—and he attributed that to Man Flow Yoga. In fact, the day before we interviewed him, he checked his blood pressure and it was a little low, which delighted him because he had a stressful day. 

And that’s not the only significant health transformation he noticed:

2. How Man Flow Yoga altered Murray’s weight distribution 

Man Flow Yoga didn’t help Murray lose any weight—the number on his scale remained consistent throughout his journey. 

But he still noticed something significant: 

His weight distribution moved to more desirable places. Instead of visceral fat, he had muscles. His clothes fit better. His confidence skyrocketed. And he felt young for the first time in years—despite being 67 years old! 

Murray’s Favorite Parts of Man Flow Yoga

When we asked Murray about his favorite part of Man Flow Yoga, he told us Dean’s instruction style is so clear that it feels like Dean is in the room with him as he’s moving through poses in his routine. Murray doesn’t even have to look at the screen to know exactly how he should move each part of his body. 

Another favorite aspect for Murray is the ability for variety. 

Unlike other Members, Murray has a slightly different approach to Man Flow Yoga. He refers to himself as a “pick-and-choose” Man Flow Yoga Member. 

He’s run a few of the focused programs like The Clark program and The Declan series. But his “pick-and-choose” method takes advantage of the filtering system inside the Man Flow Yoga portal, meaning he picks whichever Man Flow Yoga routine that resonates with him on any given day. 

If he has a sore back, he’ll choose routines that help loosen his back. If he’s crunched for time, he’ll opt for a shorter workout instead of a longer one—and vice versa. 

In fact, Murray challenges everyone reading this—whether you’re currently a Man Flow Yoga Member or not—to try to get bored inside the Man Flow Yoga portal. According to Murray, it’s impossible because there’s such a massive variety of different workout videos, programs, and challenges to choose from. 

Why Murray Convinces Everyone He Knows to Join Man Flow Yoga

When we asked Murray what he would tell his friends and family about Man Flow Yoga to encourage them to join, he gave us gold. 

Here’s what he said: 

“Man Flow Yoga changed my life. If it wasn’t for Man Flow Yoga , I probably would be on medications or I might even have had an unnecessary back surgery. I also tell my friends and family that this is a way to make you younger.”

I’ll leave you with a few words from Murray in his own words:

How Man Flow Yoga Erased Pain From Murray Savar’s Life (Member Highlight: Murray Savar)

Are You Ready To Try Man Flow Yoga Yourself? 

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