How Man Flow Yoga Proves It’s Okay For Guys To Do Yoga (Member Highlight: Patrick Cobb)

If you’re anything like Man Flow Yoga Member, Patrick Cobb, you’ve probably believed the widespread stereotype that yoga is for women, not for men. And each time you walked into a public yoga class, this stereotype was reinforced into your mind: 

Public yoga classes are dominated by women. If you’ve ever tried one, there’s a high chance you were the only man in the class. And, to be frank, public yoga classes can be humiliating for men. We’re not as flexible as women. Most yoga poses in public classes are designed for women, which increases your chances of injuring yourself. Not to mention, the spiritual lingo used in public yoga classes can turn you away from the scientific benefits of yoga. 

That’s how 58-year-old Patrick Cobb felt before trying Man Flow Yoga. And now, Patrick, along with every other Member of Man Flow Yoga, proves it’s okay for guys to do yoga. 

Here’s Patrick’s story… 

Why Patrick Decided To Try Man Flow Yoga 

Patrick, like everyone else on Earth, started getting cabin fever when everyone was stuck at home during the pandemic. He couldn’t go to his gym to lift weights or swim. The only meaningful workout he did before trying Man Flow Yoga was walking. And Patrick’s boredom started driving him mad. 

Being cooped up in a house with nothing to take your mind off the nonstop negative news is a recipe for misery. 

Luckily for Patrick, he discovered Man Flow Yoga one day while scrolling Facebook. As mentioned, yoga gave Patrick the heebie-jeebies. He was too intimidated to go to a public class. 

And to make matters worse… 

In 2007, Patrick suffered through a gruesome bike crash. A massive compound fracture broke his left elbow, which was replaced with a titanium rod. And 13 years later, the strength and mobility in his left side had still not returned to 100%. 

But in an attempt to stave off his cabin fever and regain his strength in his left side, he decided to join Man Flow Yoga in 2020. 

Both the mental and physical benefits of Man Flow Yoga shocked Patrick… 

How Man Flow Yoga Restored Patrick’s Mental and Physical Health 

When Patrick joined Man Flow Yoga, he started with the Yoga for Athletes and the Mission: Daily Yoga programs.  

The first benefit Patrick noticed was the mental benefits. Not only did his Man Flow Yoga workouts occupy his time and thoughts, but it also gave him a way to decompress from his stress-filled days. He’d whip out his yoga mat in the afternoon, focus his mind on his stretches, and found himself less anxious and worried than he otherwise would’ve been. This also helped him get back into a regular routine after the pandemic disrupted it. 

Shortly after making Man Flow Yoga a part of his daily fitness routine, he started noticing the physical benefits — particularly on the left side of his body. 

His bike crash from 2007 didn’t just cause pain and mobility problems in his elbow: 

His shoulder and ligaments in his hand also erupted with pain when he moved them the wrong way. And while lifting weights and swimming helped reestablish some strength in his left side, both paled in comparison to Man Flow Yoga. 

In fact, the work he’s done inside Man Flow Yoga to reestablish his strength in his left side has also bled over into his strength training and swimming. 

And that’s not all Man Flow Yoga unlocked for Patrick: 

He also felt a wave of confidence wash over him in the gym. He was both physically and mentally stronger. Proving, yet again, that yoga is for both men and women. Men just need Man Flow Yoga instead of a public yoga class. 


Man Flow Yoga also filled in a massive gap in Patrick’s life — which is something that affects all men… 

Man Flow Yoga Gave Patrick Access To A Tribe Of Other Men Like Him 

One of the biggest failures of modern society for men is that most men don’t have a tribe. Throughout human history, men had a community of other similar men to share their glory, losses, emotions, and struggles with. 

Look around in 2022 and almost no men belong to a tribe or community. 

Man Flow Yoga Members don’t have this problem. 

Every Member gets an exclusive invite to a Facebook Community with men all over the world wanting to work on their fitness level. Each person in our tribe is committed to improving themselves. Members coach and mentor other Members. We solve problems and crises together. 

As Patrick says:

“The [Man Flow Yoga Facebook Group] gives you a camaraderie that you don’t have in regular workouts. You go to the gym and see the same people, but you don’t know who they are. But you log into the Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook page, and you can talk with Jesse, you can talk with Dean, and you can talk with folks that you work out with, and share your success stories and your pains.” 

And unlike working out in a group class or with a personal trainer, Man Flow Yoga gives you full flexibility to work out when you want. 

You don’t need to be in a class at a certain time. And Patrick, like many other Man Flow Yoga Members, uses this to his advantage. 

Some days he wakes up early and starts his day off with a 30-minute Man Flow Yoga routine. Other days, he’ll do it in the middle of a hectic day. Or use it as a way to calm his body and mind at night, before bed. 

And Patrick loves that he can do Man Flow Yoga routines anywhere. If he’s traveling, he’ll load them onto his phone or iPad, so he sticks with his routine. If he’s crunched for time, he’ll do a shorter routine. 

Patrick’s been a loyal Member of Man Flow Yoga for the past two years. He rarely misses workouts — and he’s a stronger, healthier, and happier man because of it. 

So, I’ll leave you with a few words from Patrick:


Are You Ready To Try Man Flow Yoga Yourself? 

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