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How Man Flow Yoga Helps Robert, A First Responder, Respond to Emergencies Faster (Member Highlight: Robert A.)

With Man Flow Yoga, there’s no more weak areas [in my body]. The check engine lights aren’t coming on anymore.

Robert, Man Flow Yoga Member & First Responder

Robert A., a first responder, first joined Man Flow Yoga about two years ago. At the time, he needed a change to his workouts. His job requires his body to go from cold to 200 miles an hour at the snap of a finger and he often has to lift heavy things when responding to emergencies. 

Plus, Robert is an avid outdoorsman. He’s a big hunter, hiker, and cyclist, but as he gets older, he’s finding that his joints are hurting more and more. Both from his job as a first responder, and from his hunting, hiking, and cycling hobbies. 

He knew that yoga could help his joints feel better and help him slim down, so he could be better at his job and enjoy his hobbies more. But he’s also the type of guy who didn’t feel comfortable going to a yoga class. Not only are in-person yoga classes dominated by women, but Robert even built a gym in his basement so he wouldn’t have to go to the gym. 

He also noticed that his workouts were becoming less efficient and effective as he grew older. It took his body longer to warm up before working out. And already living a busy life, he needed to find something that’s more efficient and effective . 

Well, that’s how he first discovered Man Flow Yoga on YouTube. After watching the free Man Flow Yoga YouTube videos for a few months, he thought to himself: 

“If this guy’s putting out this stuff on YouTube for free, I want to see what’s in his Member’s Area. And I was blown away.”

Not only were his joints feeling better, but he learned that spending 30-60 minutes with a Man Flow Yoga video was the most efficient and effective way to workout. 

He took the plunge and joined Man Flow Yoga two years ago… And he’s never felt better. 

How Man Flow Yoga helped Robert turn off all the “check engine lights” of his body 

Robert stays active almost all day. When he’s not being a first responder, he’s either hunting, hiking, or cycling. Each of these forces him to put his body in awkward positions—from lifting something so heavy in an emergency that it takes 3 or 4 other men to hiking with a 75 lb backpack on. 

And while he loves his job and enjoys his hobbies, they take a massive toll on his joints. 

Well, at least they used to take a toll on his joints. But since joining Man Flow Yoga, he feels like all the check engine lights for his body have been turned off. 


Since consistently using Man Flow Yoga as his main workout modality, he hears Dean’s cues in his head and his body instinctively knows what to do whether he’s in a 4-man lift during an emergency, hiking with a 75 lb backpack on, or cycling for 3-4 hours. 

These activities used to cause unbearable joint pain for Robert. Now, he remembers Dean’s cues and evades soreness almost entirely! 

Best part? 

These habits have become so automatic for Robert’s body, he doesn’t even have to think about them anymore. 

Before Man Flow Yoga, Robert always had to think about the weakest area of his body before doing a lift on the job to protect his body. Since joining, he realized he doesn’t even have weak areas anymore. He can go into a heavy lift during an emergency without warming up—and without injuring himself in the process. 

Robert recently went on a 3-day hike with a 75 lb backpack on. As he got to a ledge to step down, he remembers thinking  “Oof, this is gonna hurt my knees and back.” But the mental cues from Dean stayed in his head. He kept his core tight, and stepped down without pain.

And his entire body feels more solid—something he attributes to his consistent Man Flow Yoga practice. 

He’s also experienced a tremendous improvement to his posture—which was a common cause of pain and soreness before joining Man Flow Yoga because of all the awkward positions he puts his body in—because he’s more self-aware of his body. 

And you know what? 

We haven’t even scratched the surface of all the ways Man Flow Yoga benefits Robert. 

3 unexpected benefits Robert’s experienced since joining Man Flow Yoga

Besides the more obvious physical benefits of Man Flow Yoga, Robert’s also experienced 3 massive unexpected benefits: 

1. He uses active recovery videos (like this post-cycling routine) to recover quicker after working out. 

Robert is no stranger to 3-day hikes, 3-hour bike rides, or going from zero to 200 miles an hour as he works as a first responder. 

One of his Man Flow Yoga secrets is using the active recovery routines after he exerts his body too much. Since he started incorporating these recovery routines into his regimen, his body doesn’t ache as much as it used to when he was younger. 

Which leads me into the next unexpected benefit… 

2. Man Flow Yoga helps him bond more with his kids

Since Robert does his active recovery workouts at the end of his day, his kids have noticed. In fact, after a 3-hour cycling adventure one day, Robert came home and felt his body getting sore. So he went into his basement and loaded up the Cyclist Recovery Routine video on his TV. 

As he started, he noticed someone coming down the stairs: His kid, who wanted to do the workout alongside him. Robert invited him to join, and they both enjoyed an incredible bonding experience they wouldn’t have gotten without Man Flow Yoga. 

Last but not least… 

3. Man Flow Yoga provides Robert with mental relief 

Robert’s job as a first responder isn’t only physically demanding, but mentally taxing too. Mental health is a big part of his life—and he loves how effective Man Flow Yoga is for easing his mind. 

Whenever he feels like he’s not quite there or feeling frazzled, he loads up a 20-30 minute video, and Man Flow Yoga sets his mind at ease. By the time the video ends, his body gets back to homeostasis, and he feels amazing. 

(Robert’s current go-to Man Flow Yoga videos include the Breath Series, but he thinks any 20-30 minute routine is the sweet spot.) 

Why Robert wants you to join Man Flow Yoga

Robert’s favorite part of Man Flow Yoga is the instructions Dean offers. No matter which routine he watches, Dean’s instructions instantly gets him engaged from head to toe (which has been a massive help in his career and with his hobbies). 

EVen though Dean’s never physically in the room with him, he always feels like he is. Robert knows whether he’s doing a certain pose right or not instantly. And he loves the motivations Dean offers for nearly every pose.  

Not to mention, Robert appreciates people who love their craft as much as the Man Flow Yoga team does. He considers Man Flow Yoga a part of his team to get his body in shape, and help him prepare for old age and retirement. 

Robert, like anybody else, wants to live a long and healthy life. And he considers Maan Flow Yoga to play a paramount role in achieving these goals. Both in the actual videos and in the Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook group.

Ready to get in shape, so you can live a long and healthy life like Robert? 

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How MFY Helps A First Responder Respond to Emergencies Faster (Member Highlight: Robert A.)

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