How Man Flow Yoga Helped Steve Hike Longer – Without Getting Sore or Winded (Member Highlight: Steve T.)

“I started [Man Flow Yoga] when I was fifty six. I’m fifty nine now. I’ll be sixty next year. And I’ve never felt better in my life physically.” — 

Steve T., Man Flow Yoga Member

Steve joined Man Flow Yoga over 3 years ago. Today, he’s nearing 60 years old, he says he’s never felt better in his life — a common thread amongst other Man Flow Yoga Members. 

Before Man Flow Yoga, the only kind of exercise Steve did was hike. At this stage of his life, he no longer cares about building the perfect body, hitting new PRs in the gym, or being absolutely shredded. Instead, he just wanted to increase his flexibility and mobility, so he could continue hiking well into his 60s. 

So, Steve joined Man Flow Yoga to lose weight, improve his mindset, and to be able to fully enjoy his surroundings during hikes.  Besides hiking, Steve also stayed active by going on walks and doing yard work, but he knew he needed something else if he wanted to become a more flexible and mobile version of himself, so he wouldn’t have to sacrifice hiking as he aged. 

Well, like many other Members, Steve signed up for the Beginner’s Fundamentals Program and instantly fell in love with Dean’s coaching style and attention to detail. Specifically, the program taught Steve proper technique and how to retrain his body to breath properly, both of which unlocked near-instant improvements in his stamina and endurance while hiking. After a few weeks of following the Beginner’s Fundamentals Program, Steve realized that yard work no longer made him ache the following day.

With his newfound flexibility and energy from the Beginner’s Fundamentals Program, Steve dove deeper down the Man Flow Yoga rabbit hole—and to this day, nothing has improved his hiking skills quite like Man Flow Yoga. 

How Man Flow Yoga Helped Steve Hike Longer (With Fewer Aches & Pains) 

Steve has long considered himself a hiker. Nothing gives him more pleasure than hiking. It’s not just the physical exertion that excites him, but he lives in Pittsburgh, PA, which is one of the most beautiful hiking landscapes around. Both in the city, and by taking a short drive to the Appalachian Mountains. 

After joining Man Flow Yoga, in combination with hiking, Steve lost 20 lbs within his first few months. This weight loss helped him hike longer and longer with fewer aches and pains in his joints and throughout his body. 

But that’s not the only benefit Man Flow Yoga unlocked for Steve:

Steve focuses most of his Man Flow Yoga workouts on balance, stamina, endurance, flexibility and mobility. Which means he gets less sore after hikes, and gets less winded during hikes. 

Plus, since he’s always hiking on rocky, uneven surfaces, the special attention to balance, flexibility and mobility he puts while doing Man Flow Yoga makes him less prone to injury and aching joints on his hikes. 

But the biggest benefit Man Flow Yoga unlocked for Steve when it comes to hiking? 

Man Flow Yoga has created a massive boost in his overall feelings of positivity. He told our team he feels euphoric when hiking, thanks to Man Flow Yoga.  While this may seem unimportant, it’s actually led Steve to enjoy his hikes more. Yes, he feels better physically, but feeling better mentally allows him to take in the breathtaking scenery and fall in love with hiking all over again with each subsequent hike he goes on. 

This newfound love of hiking has enabled Steve to hike a big section of the Pennsylvania section of the Appalachian Trail (the entire hike is 2,198 miles to give you context), something he was unable to do before joining Man Flow Yoga. 

Best part?

He was able to hike this big section of the Appalachian trail without getting winded or sore!

And you know what? 

Man Flow Yoga even helped Steve rebound after tearing his meniscus… 

Man Flow Yoga vs Steve’s torn meniscus 

Within the first 6 months of joining Man Flow Yoga, Steve tore his meniscus on a hike. Shortly after, he had arthroscopic surgery to repair his knee. And he worried that he’d be done hiking for good. 

After the healing process, Steve jumped right back into his Man Flow Yoga workouts. He didn’t want to give up hiking for good, and so he paid extra close attention to Dean’s instructions while doing a Man Flow Yoga workout. 

This, in turn, made Steve much more conscious of his body while hiking. Before, he used to hike for miles without much thought to his body. But now, Steve always makes sure to do hamstring stretches before hiking. 


Steve has even started watching Man Flow Yoga videos to “prime” his body before hiking. (The Man Flow Yoga Members Area app makes this a breeze!) 

Doing a Man Flow Yoga workout before hiking, especially after tearing his meniscus, has changed the game for him. He no longer worries that he’ll have to sacrifice hiking for good. Instead, watching the videos gives him a surge of confidence that he carries all across the rocky and uneven surfaces of his hikes. 

The result? 

Not only does he have more confidence while hiking, but he’s found that he’s able to hike for longer periods of time, over more difficult terrain, higher elevations, and more intense hills and trails. Yes, even after tearing his meniscus!

And you know what? 

Man Flow Yoga helped him hike longer, with less worry of injury and soreness than any other type of yoga too!

Why Steve thinks Man Flow Yoga is superior to other types of yoga

Before joining Man Flow Yoga, Steve tried a few yoga classes in a real studio. 

Steve never felt like he was in the right atmosphere while in these yoga classes. Often he was the only man in his class. And the only person in his age bracket. Most of the classes were filled with young women. 

Besides being the only man in the studio, he also noticed that he had no idea what he was doing, or supposed to be doing, in these in-studio yoga classes, especially compared to Dean’s intense attention to detail. 

While in yoga classes, Steve never knew if he was doing a certain pose correctly. He just tried to copy the instructor, with no idea over what muscles he should activate, how he should feel, or different variations he could do if he couldn’t do a certain pose exactly like the instructor showed. 

Man Flow Yoga has been the antithesis to that. Following Dean’s instruction cues has not only helped Steve understand that yes, he can successfully do yoga, but he even remembers Dean’s cues while thousands of feet up on a hike. He also remembers to breathe on hikes, something he originally learned from Dean and Man Flow Yoga. 

Ready to join Man Flow Yoga yourself? 

Since Steve is a Man Flow Yoga enthusiast, he’s already convinced several friends and family members to join. And he wants you to join Man Flow Yoga too. 

If you want to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally today than you ever have, you can join Man Flow Yoga here: https://manflowyoga.com/seven-day-trial/ 


Already a Man Flow Yoga member? Share your story with other men like you by booking a Member Stories call at  https://manflowyoga.com/member-highlights-signup

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