Member Spotlight: Brian

1) Current favorite pose
Warrior II. When you get everything in alignment (“in-between two panes of glass”), isometrically tensing every muscle in your body and glaring down your middle finger, it’s amazeballs. Definitely the butchest yoga pose, and naturally comes with a “don’t f*ck with me” vibe.

2) Favorite healthy food
The current generation of protein powders. Without protein powders, I don’t see how a man can consume enough daily protein from lean meat, fish, eggs, dairy, legumes etc. without simultaneously blowing your fat and carb macros. The best ones now aren’t gritty and taste really good.

3) Favorite non-healthy food
Vodka martinis, straight-up, no vermouth with a lemon twist.

4) Proudest physical accomplishment since you’ve started doing yoga
I’ve always wanted to be a “muscle bear”. Or given my size, a “muscle otter”, at best. I.E. Leaner with a lot more muscle. Until I starting doing Man Flow Yoga and working with Dean (Austin Retreat & 90-day Challenge), I lacked the technical knowledge, physical discipline and nutrition sense to really move the needle on transforming myself. So in the course of a year, I dropped 10 pounds and got a lot leaner (down to 145#); then worked my way back up to my current weight (155#) with mostly muscle. Not too shabby for being a hair shy of 60 yrs old.

5) What are you currently working towards?
Hope to add 5-10 pounds more muscle in my torso over the next few months. Work out some of my physical inflexibility with a combination of restorative yoga and self-myofascial release (with a KnotOut). Maybe get my monkey mind to shut the f*ck up for a few moments with some meditative exercises.

6) How did you find Man Flow Yoga?
It’s been awhile, but I recall Dean’s website came up when I googled “yoga for men”.

7) Where are you from?
I think I read somewhere men are from Mars. Currently living with my husband of 35 years in Frisco, Colorado.

8) What’s a fun fact about you?
I’m also a volunteer DJ and president of Radio Free Minturn, an crazy little community FM station in Minturn, Colorado. You can check out my show and playlists at https://facebook.com/GreywolfRFM

Yeah, I basically run on coffee, vodka, protein powders and streaming music!

(namaste, y’all)

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