Morning Routine for Confidence & Energy

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Morning Routine for Confidence & Energy

This is a 15-minute yoga routine to boost your confidence and give you energy for the day. We do this by opening your shoulders, ribs, hips, strengthening your core, boosting your posture, and opening & strengthening the spine. It’s a 15-minute workout you can do before any work day and feel great, even if you’re sitting for hours afterwards. Use it every day if you want!

This workout is one of the featured workouts in the Posture Fix. This Program is a fantastic way to get started with Man Flow Yoga. Improve your core strength, increase your shoulder mobility, strengthen your spine, and improve hip mobility, all with the end goal of improving your posture and making your entire body stronger!

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6 Comments on “Morning Routine for Confidence & Energy”

  1. Thank you for correctly showing the positions. Just started at CORE in glens falls, NY. I have had 3 yoga classes now … I am 54 … so this is all new to me. Although the instructor is great and explains each position … you really have a great gift for teaching and demonstrating. Thanks.

    I will be going on a trip to Hawaii in 20 days. Working on you 7-day plan now. Looking into what I can purchase and bring with me via laptop while there.

    Blessings! Thanks again.


    1. Michael – great idea! Glad you are learning and I appreciate the compliment. I would recommend purchasing a workout program with download access or just heading straight to the MFY Workout Library on Vimeo and purchasing a la carte.

      Training Programs –
      Vimeo Workout Library –

    1. Hey Lonnie – this video is only available on the Man Flow Yoga website for now. Sorry about that!

  2. Dean, outstanding routine! I have tried it and it worked very well. I felt my whole body fired up, my hips and upper (thoracic spine) activated, shoulders, chest, ribs, very good! I will start implementing that routine each morning and see if it will enhance my energy levels throughout my days. Do you have any videos for thoracic spine immobility? Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

    1. Hey Vladimir,

      Glad you enjoyed this workout! Yes, I have multiple workouts for that. Check out the “Thoracic Mobility Workout” in the Workout Library. There is a shorter 15-minute version and a longer 1-hour long version.

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