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Man Flow Yoga NYC Workshop – September 19th

Workshop Details:

David Barton Gym (Flagship Location)

4 Astor Place, New York, NY 10003

Saturday, September 19th

3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

The Man Flow Yoga workshop focuses on yoga for physical fitness for men – no flexibility or previous yoga experience required. We will cover the essential technique found in the most physically beneficially poses found in yoga, so that you can fill the gaps of your current training regimen with movements typically not found in other forms of fitness. This workshop, lasting 2 hours, will focus on core engagement that you can apply to every exercise, shoulder and upper back flexibility, lower back and hamstring flexibility, hip flexibility, and overall bodily maintenance. This is ideal for anyone who wants to learn what a fitness-centric form of yoga can do for their fitness.

What is Man Flow Yoga?
What is Man Flow Yoga?
Man Flow Yoga is yoga for physical fitness. This isn’t a therapy session – it’s a workout. Man Flow Yoga is a unique approach to yoga that emphasizes longer lasting poses, more upper body focus, and modifications for people with less flexibility, who aren’t used to attending traditional yoga classes. This is fitness-centric yoga for the people who want a great complementary or primary workout that will help them develop the functional core strength, flexibility, body control, balance, and endurance that they want, without changing the way they live. The founder and CEO of Man Flow Yoga, Dean Pohlman, was a collegiate lacrosse athlete when he discovered yoga, and directly applied the physical benefits acquired on the yoga mat to improving his play on the field. His focus is on using the movements found in yoga to make you stronger and more flexible, and not to change the way you think about life. Man Flow Yoga is one of the most popular brands of yoga for men on Facebook, with over 44,000 likes.

Reserve your spot below – space can only be guaranteed to those that sign up ahead of time! You will also receive a FREE Man Flow Yoga coozie and pair of sunglasses if you sign up ahead of time.


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  1. Hi Dean!

    I noticed that there are 3 different locations for David Barton Gym:
    40 W 20th
    656 6th Ave
    30 E 85th.

    Can you confirm which one it is for Saturday 9/19? thanks, Len

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